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November 27, 2016 The First Sunday of Advent

posted Nov 28, 2016, 10:09 AM by Linda Hadley

This Week at Trinity


Sun., Nov. 27     The First Sunday in Advent

                             8:00 am       Divine Service (MA)

                             9:45 am       Divine Service/HC(CR)

                           11:00 am       Sunday School/Bible Class (CR)


Mon., Nov. 28        8:30 am      Preschool

                           12:30 pm      Preschool


Tues., Nov. 29       6:30 am      Early Risers

                            8:30 am       Preschool

                           12:30 pm       Preschool

                              Pastor’s day in MA



Wed., Nov. 30       8:30 am       Preschool             

                           12:30 pm       Preschool 

                             6:00 pm       Confirmation Class

                             7:00 pm       Advent Service (CR)


Thurs., Dec. 1    Pastor’s Bible study group in Adair

                              8:30 am      Preschool

                             12:30 pm     Preschool

                               6:30 pm     Walkers for the Lighted Christmas

                                                 Line up at the sale barn in CR

                              7:00 pm      Lighted Christmas Parade in CR


Sat., Dec. 2             5:30 pm      Walkers line up for the Christmas Parade in Mt. Ayr

                             6:00 pm       Christmas Parade begins in MA                                


Sun., Dec. 4           8:00 am      Divine Service /HC(MA)

                             9:45 am       Divine Service (CR)

                           11:00 am       Hanging of the Greens (CR)

                             Potluck Brunch following the decorating



Cancer:  Becky Nook; Al Davis; Denice Creveling; Diane England; Gary McCraken; Jamie Boos; Merle Triggs;  Paul Garchow; Randy Nemitz; Rhonda Smith; Steve McCann; Chuck Ehm; Susie Seals; Melynda Crawford; Ron Ludwig; Kent Larsen;  Dale Smelling; Tyler Miller; Haiting Hsieh;

Judy Woods; Jim Best; Jayne Livingston


Illness, Surgery or Recovery:  Brailee Jones; Tricia Niehouse; Neomi Davis; Joe Haines;  Norm Schroeder; Bertha Jensen; Corene Ramsey; Pat Barkalow; Kathy Parker


Military: Aaron Hoogland; Nathan Nonneman


Missions: Concordia Mission Society;

James and Christel Neuendorf (Dominican Republic);

Pastor Daniel Vogel (Denison, Iowa);

Pastor Herb and Markie Burch (Peru);

Pastor James and Angela Sharp and Family (Uruguay);

Pastor Joel and Clarion Fritsche and Family (Dominican Republic);

Pastor Stephen and Maggie Oliver and Family (Taiwan);

Life Care Clinic, (Stuart & Creston)

Trinity Preschool (Creston)


 Seminary Student: Luke Watt


Shut-ins: May Carlisle, Wilma Cottrell, Donna Dittman, Jeanne Herzberg, Irene Hogue, Bertha Jensen, Sheree Zuniga, Frieda Porter


 Attendance :  Nov. 20 MA  9 and 9 H/C         CR  67

Attendance cards for all are  found in the pew racks.  When taking communion, please fill out both sides of the card.  

H/C means Holy Communion




Thank you to Trinity members for all the prayers, cards, and gifts of food given to me since my recent shoulder surgery.         From Pat Barkalow



The church season of Advent begins today.   Wednesday night Advent services will be held at 7:00 p.m. only in Creston on November 30, December 7, and December 14. 



Meals for Confirmation kids:  Meals will be provided for the confirmation class kids between their class time and  the Advent services.   If you are able to help provide food for these meals please see the sign up sheet on the table in the narthex.  The meals will be on Nov. 30, Dec, 7, and Dec. 14.



Bible Study:  During November and December , Pastor will be leading a Bible study titled: “Explaining All the Scary Stuff in Revelation”.   The class will be taught on Sundays in Creston after the Divine Service, in the fellowship hall and on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays (Dec. 6 & 20)  at 6:30 at the church in Mt. Ayr.   All are welcome to attend this study at either location.






You’ve been reading about the Iowa Lutheran School Tuition Organization. This giving opportunity isn’t just for Lutherans – anyone who pays Iowa state income tax can donate and receive the tax benefits.  Please help spread the word to someone you know who would like to assist students in Lutheran education while receiving a great tax benefit of a 65% tax credit on their Iowa state tax and possible federal tax deductions.   For further information, please contact Dewey Torkelson at 712-260-2991. You might also check the websites: and 





The Creston Lighted Christmas Parade will be on Thursday, December 1 at 7:00 pm.  We will be having an entry which includes a lighted nativity scene.   We need many walkers to help pass out candy and information about Trinity.   If you are able to help with this please meet by the sale barn at 6:30 with no special arranging.  

On Saturday, December 3, there will also be a Lighted Christmas Parade in Mt. Ayr.  That parade starts at 6:00 pm with the meeting place by the depot at 5:30.  We will have an entry which includes a lighted nativity scene.  Walkers are encouraged for this parade also.   The Mission Board hopes to see a large participation for these parades.



“We have no right to say ‘no’ to what God has said ‘yes’” (Rev. Dr. Peter Meier, Center for U.S. Missions).  God desires His church to reclaim the lost and multiply disciples.  Too often we have a list of excuses as to why we can’t multiply or plant a new church.  Small or large, rural or city, God has given your congregation the potential to multiply!  Begin to realize the exciting possibilities by sending a team to one of two “Mobilizing the Mission” workshops to be held either Friday, Dec. 2 at Our Savior, Denison (1:30-7:30) or Saturday, Dec. 3 at St. Paul, Ankeny (9:00-3:00).  To register or for more info, go to  Questions?  Contact Rev. Mark Gerken (515-570-2331 or




This year again Iowa West Branch of Orphan Grain Train has been blessed with a $5,000 matching gift challenge. Gifts given to our branch before December 15 will be matched dollar for dollar up to a maximum of $5,000. This will enable our branch to do more than we ordinarily could do in meeting the extraordinary needs that have so greatly arisen in the lives of so many people. We ask you to join us in responding with Christian love and care in helping those whose lives have been upended. To be counted your gift must be received before December 15.  

 Sharon Ann Irwin, Iowa West Branch Manager

Orphan Grain Train

PO Box 152

Early IA 50535-0152


Serving At Trinity

Sun November 27

Organist: (MA) Greg Storhoff;  (CR) Julie Lang


Acolyte:  Elizabeth Hadley


Ushers in November:  (CR) Paul Kearney, Jim Kneedler, Bill Magers, Ed Tomas


Elders on Duty in November:

(MA) Mark Larsen , Doug Bullock (CR) Kevin Kruse


Offering Counters in November:  (CR)   Paul Kearney,

Bill Magers


Altar Committee for November: Jean Stoll, Radine Ward, Marti Williams



Pastor’s Book of the Month for November

This is a book that Pastor has been reading and would recommend it.   It’s a great read for teens and adults.

Starting at the End  (Worldview, God’s Word & Your Future) by Brad Alles

Available through