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The Festival of All Saints, observed (November 4, 2012)

posted Oct 31, 2012, 12:22 PM by Jonathan Watt


Trinity Preschool: "To help create successful, independent children in a safe Christian setting." Trinity Lutheran Preschool is a gift from God. Please help by volunteering for this important ministry. You will find a Preschool Event Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet in the sign-up book on the narthex table. Look for the yellow tab marked "Preschool". Some events that you could help with:

·         Sunday, December 16 Christmas Program, 1:15 PM to 4 PM;

·         Sunday, January 27 Lutheran schools week Congregational concert 9 AM to 11 AM;

·         Sunday, February 17 Father's Night, 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM;

·         Sunday, April 21 Mother's Tea Party 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM;

·         Graduation, Thursday, May 16 4 PM to 9 PM. 


Life Quote: “[W]e make a grave mistake if we think just electing leaders whom we label ‘pro-life’ is somehow a pro-life mandate that will bring sweeping changes protecting the unborn from the daily slaughter of abortion. That did not even happen when all three branches of our government were ‘pro-life.’ We don’t need just pro-life politicians. We need pro-life champions who will promote the priority of protecting innocent children even over the priority of protecting pocketbooks.” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life ·

Life Together

Attendance Report: October 28: 74; Holy Communion 69

Flowers on the altar are given in memory Kenny Breach and Cliff Nook. Given by Janice Nook and Teri and Dennis Hudson and Pr Michael, Karen, Thomas and Matthew Breach 

IMPORTANT NOTICE! Please note the voters meeting has been re-rescheduled. The date of the voters meeting for elections and budget is NOW November 18, 2012 following Sunday school and Bible classes. 

Join Early Risers for Bible reading and discussion 6:30am every Tuesday morning at McDonalds. 

Meals for Confirmation Students: The Board of Education will sponsor meals for the confirmation kids during Advent. Watch for the sign up sheet within the next couple of weeks to see how you might help with this project. There will only be three meals to plan and serve. 

Please remember to tell Pastor Watt (email works best) if you are planning to provide flowers for the altar, even if you have written it on the altar flower calendar on the narthex table. Thanks Pastor Watt. 

Prayer Request pads can be found on the Narthex Table. Please fill out the form and give it to Pastor Watt or place it in the "Prayer Requests" mailbox. Unless otherwise requested prayer request will be repeated for three (3) sundays. 

Protecting religious freedom Want to learn more about religious liberty and protecting our First Amendment rights? It’s more important now than ever – with increasing intrusions from the government into the realm of the church. The LCMS has resources available for your use at, frequently asked questions, articles, videos and more. You can find tips on how to talk to your neighbor about this matter. You also can find a sample letter that you can personalize and send to your representatives. Learn more about “Religious Liberty: Free to Be Faithful” at or call 888-THE LCMS (843-5267). 

Talk to Pastor Watt if you would be willing to take pictures of members for the church database. (515)462-0566 or 

Wanted: Someone to lead the Jr./Sr. Youth. If you are interested, please let Julie Lang know. 

Trinity Lutheran Church news can be found on the church web page simply go to 

You can now access the church directory online! You can also update your church database information. Please talk to Pastor Watt if you want to get access. Call, eMail or in person. (515)462-0566 or

This Week at Trinity

Sun Nov 4        All Saints (observed)

                          Preschool Sings

                          8:00am     Divine Service (First Lutheran)

                          9:30am     Divine Service (HC)

                          11:00am   Sunday School Adult Bible Class

Mon Nov 5       Pastor's Day Off

                          9:00am     Confessions Reading Group

                          7:00pm     Life Light Bible Study - Matthew Part 2

Tue Nov 6         6:30am     Early Risers (McDonalds)

                          1:30pm     Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast


                          1:30pm     Life Light Bible Study - Matthew Part 2

                          7:00pm     Rachel Circle

Wed Nov 7       6:00pm     Confirmation Class

                          7:30pm     Board of Elders (FH)

Thu Nov 8        9:30am     Preschool Pastor Time

                          1:00pm     Christmas Outreach Webinar presented

                                          by Rev. M. Larson, Lutheran Hour Ministries.

                          1:30pm     Preschool Pastor Time

Fri Nov 9          10:30am   Campus Ministry - Feedback Session -

                                          Memorial Lutheran Church

Sun Nov 11      Twenty-forth Sunday after Pentecost

                          Veteran's Recognition

                          8:00am     Divine Service (First Lutheran)

                          9:30am     Divine Service (HC)

                          11:00am   Sunday School Adult Bible Class

Serving This Week

Sun Nov 4, 2012                   

Acolytes: Kessler Tomas (+); Sam Chapman (b)

Elder: Randy Roghair

Organist: Carla Roghair

Ushers: Mike Lang, Bill Majors, Paul Kearney, Jim Kneedler

Altar: Radine Ward; Jean Stoll, Marti Williams

Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Majors

Sun Nov 11, 2012                 

Elder: Randy Roghair

Acolytes: Alex Brown; Ben Bargstadt

Ushers: Mike Lang, Bill Majors, Paul Kearney, Jim Kneedler

Altar: Radine Ward; Jean Stoll, Marti Williams

Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Majors