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posted Mar 24, 2011, 9:18 AM by Pastor Trinity


Today! Please join Pastor Baker for Bible Class today.  He'll continue his discussion of Law and Gospel. Then following potluck dinner (at 1:30pm) Pastor Baker will have an afternoon seminar on the same topic. Please join us for this great oppurtunity for Christian continuing education!

Adult Education Classes will meet this Thursday 7pm and continue in the Fellowship Hall. This is a great oppurtunity for Trinity members to renew their understanding of the Christian faith. Even if you can attend only a few class periods you will re-learn a lot. Please talk to pastor Watt if your are able to attend. 

Kids--Kindergarten-4th grade: Join March 30 us for F.L.O.C.K. -- 6:00-7:00pm. Supper provided--don't miss the fun! 

CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR THE CONFESSIONAL LUTHERAN...Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio. Topics include: Counseling vs. Confession, Parenting, Joseph the Patriarch, The Symbols of the Lutheran Church and more. You can listen to what you want when you want at

Me, a Pastor? Me a Deaconess? If you have found yourself asking this question, now is the time to do soemthing about it! Rev. Steve Wagner of Concordia Theologiacl Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana, is going to be at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, 1100 Market St. Carlisle, IA 50047 on Monday, March 28, from 4:30pm to 7:30pm. Come and explore the possibilities! Men of all ages are invited, as are their wives, fiancees, and parents. Women interested in the deaconess program are also invited, along with their families. Conferences are individual and informal. Reservations at (515)989-3841 or eMail Rev. Wagner at to alert him that you are coming, and feel free to call him on his cell at 260-449-0135 if you are having trouble locating him. 


Building Healthy Families: Adoption services provided by Lutheran Family Service allows children both nationally and internationally to be placed into secure, Christian families. From the very beginning LFS is there for the couple to assist them throughout the entire adoption process-- from the initial home study to the final post-placement evaluation--we take the journey with the family! Have you considered adopting? Contact your local LFS office or visit us online at for more information. Lutheran Family Service of Iowa (515) 251-4900 

Give to Japan Earthquake Relief 

One Year: Orphan Grain Train is requesting blankets, quilts and other bedding to help with the great need that still remains in Haiti and orphanages Kyrganzstan. Please bring your extras to the church or ship them to Orphan Grain Train Warehouse, 601 W. Phillip Ave. Norfolk, NE 68701. For more information please contact any member of the Board of Missions or Waunita Watt. or (605)579-0006. 

Life Thoughts for the Church Year. Loving the unlovable—a sinful, Samaritan woman—boldly confronting sin—“Go call your husband,”—mercifully revealing salvation— “I who speak to you am he” (John 4:16-26). Jesus demonstrates a pattern worth repeating and repeating and repeating as we deal with sin and sinners as the Body of Christ.

Life Together

Please check the Narthex Table to order altar flowers for Easter.

Board of Education-will meet Tuesday, March 29 at 7pm We will be back to the regular 4th in April. 

The SW LWML Spring Rally will be on April 9th at Leon, Our Savior Lutheran Church. Registration 9am. Contact Janice Nook with questions.

This Week at Trinity

Sun Mar 27         Pastor Tom Baker (Concordia Mission Society)

                                Third Sunday in Lent (V)

                                9am           Divine Service with Holy Communion

                                10:30am   Sunday School / Bible Class

                                12:00pm   Pot Luck Fellowship

                                1:30pm     Law and Gospel with Pr. Baker

                                5pm           Bible Study (First Lutheran)

                                6pm           Divine Service (First Lutheran)

Mon Mar 28       Pastor's Day Off

Tue Mar 29         6:30am     Early Risers (McDonalds)

                                1:30pm     Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast


                                7pm           Ladies Reading Group - A Little Book of Joy (FH)

                                7pm           Board of Education

Wed Mar 30       6pm           Confirmation Class

                                6pm           F.L.O.C.K.

                                7pm           Lenten Services

Thu Mar 31         Joseph, Patriarch

                                7pm           Adult Information Class

Fri Apr 1               April Fool's Day

Sun Apr 3             Fourth Sunday in Lent (V)

                                9am           Divine Service

                                10:30am   Sunday School / Bible Class

                                11:30am   Sunday School Teacher's Meeting - Fellowship Hall.

                                5pm           Bible Study (First Lutheran)

                                6pm           Divine Service (First Lutheran)



Sun Mar 27

          Altar: Steve and Judy Bradley

          Elder: Randy Roghair

          Acolytes: Jacy Eklund, Hannah Watt

          Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Magers

          Ushers: Jack Quee, Jim Kneedler, Paul Kearney, Bill Magers

Wed Mar 30

          Altar: Steve and Judy Bradley

          Elder: Randy Roghair

          Acolytes: Dorian Petersen, Cassidy Riley

          Ushers: Jack Quee, Jim Kneedler, Paul Kearney, Bill Magers

Sun Apr 3

          Altar: Chuck and Paula Bowman

          Ushers: Dennis Foglesong, Tim Foglesong, Norm Schroeder, Mickenzie Hagen

          Finance: Dennis Brown, Norm Schroeder

          Acolytes: Joshua Reed, Kolby Tomas

In Your Prayers

Christian Care: Jane, George, Jebes, Jefrey our Sponsored orphans;

Disaster: Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan.

Illness, Injury, Surgury or Recovering: Greg Boros (husband of Melody Stoner's Niece), Recieved Transplant on Thanksgiving; Jessica Marquardt (Neice of Marti Williams); Joel Herzberg; Kaylee Hoepker; Kristin Cook, Suffering from MS; Rev. Blake Rickbile, Trinity Hewit, MN (Deb Meltzer's former Pastor); Samantha Stoll; Tommie Stoner;

Cancer: Amy Roan; Betty Crouse; Carol Henning; Curley (David) Stream; Don Sychra; Dorothy Decker; Ray Nuzum; Roberta Lowery (Phil Wardenburg's Sister); Robin Kemp; Shelly Cabbage (Friend of Phil and Anita Wardenburg);

Military: Carl Green (Grand Nephew of Gene and Dorothy Cook) Afghanistan; Eric Green; (Husband of Beth Green nee Stoner) Afganistan; Isaac Herrera (Husband of Angelina Herrera); Joe Brown (Grandson of Ellen Brown), Afganistan;

Missions: Dr. Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan, Jennifer Rasch, Nigeria; Rev. Daniel Vogel (Hispanic in Dennison); Rev. Dennis Konkel (Deaf in Des Moines);

Shut-ins: Lonny Riley, Ruth Chase, Wilma Cottrell, Pauline Young;