Zechariah 9:9-12

Sunday March 28, 2021

Trinity – Creston/Mount Ayr

Grace, mercy, and peace is yours from God our Father and from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our text for today is the OT Lesson from Zechariah 9 that was just proclaimed.

Dearest Jesus: Send your Holy Spirit to remind us that we can be thankful for the just and good earthly leaders that you provide but ultimately only Jesus can bring salvation and to our heavenly home. Amen.

Dear Fellow Redeemed in Christ:

The world has had many kings, leaders, dictators, etc.. over the years. Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Vladimir Lenin, Fidel Castro, Kim Jong Un, Lienoid Brezhnev, Ho Chi Min, Sadam Hussein, Po Pot, and many others.

And those are just the WORST!

The kings, & dictators of this earth are far too often known for their murderous, cold-hearted cruelty, for their whims, & habits, selfishness, immorality, & just about any other degrading thing you can think of.

ONE OF THE BENEFITS OF LEARNING HISTORY is so that we do not fall prey to the desperation of those people before us who allowed, or even encouraged such wicked men to come to power.

Today we join all of Christendom as we cry out and receive Him(Jesus) at His entry into Jerusalem at the start of Holy Week.

“Hosanna! Hosanna in the highest! Blessed is He Who comes in the Name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!”

This is the very hymn which the Church has adopted as its own to sing in the pre-Holy Communion Service! Be sure to pay attention to the hymn (SING) in the liturgy today! It is the hymn which we sing as we anticipate the COMING OF CHRIST in the Holy Sacrament. He comes with His Body and Blood for the forgiveness of our sins, the strengthening of our faith, our renewal in strength for Christian living, & in fellowship with the Lord Christ & w/ one another!!

I. Jesus Christ is the Humble Suffering Servant King

A) Righteous

1. Like the word implies: He is “right.” About everything!

2. When He calls something a sin, you can be quite certain that it is a sin.

3. When He says that you/I need to repent of our sins, & turn from our ways, you can be absolutely certain that this is what we must do.

4. Being “righteous” means that He is “holy.” Being “holy” means that He is above sin. Being above sin means that He is truly w/o sin!

5. This point cannot be pointed out often enough: since He was tempted in every way just as we are, yet because He was without sin, He is the One Who could make the perfect payment for the sins of the world.

6. In the world there is NO SUCH THING as a truly righteous king! They are all subject to the whims of their fallen natures, they are all capable of becoming drunk with power, & they are all capable of being mass murderers.

7. We give praise to God for the One Who is “righteous.”

B) Having salvation

1. This has been the corrupted promise of every earthly leader in history. They claim that THEY have the answers, that THEY have salvation for you.

2. The Roman rulers of the days of the NT & before would have made such claims, even claiming that they are “gods” to whom people had to pay homage (one of the reasons for the persecutions of the 1st century)

3. Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela surely promised the moon & everything else to the people of his nation when he was voted into power in 2013. But his policies are now the source of the greatest kinds of misery & suffering all over the nation of Venezuela. People are literally dying in the streets.

4. BUT CHRIST OUR KING who enters into Jerusalem to the accolades of so many people there DOES bring salvation

5. Oh they don’t quite understand His salvation. Some of them think that “salvation” will mean throwing off the Roman yoke.

6. But THIS IS THE KING of Whom all of the Scriptures have spoken, THIS IS THE KING Who comes in fulfillment of everything God had promised.

7. By the end of the week, many will be horrified to see Him suffer and die, not realizing that THAT’S God’s way of salvation –

8. And “salvation” means being saved from ALL of the stuff of this world which holds us down.

9. THIS is glorious for us!

C) Humble

1. “Humble” means “to be poured out”

2. Everything of self gets poured out so that there is NOTHING which can get in the way of one’s purpose.

3. We would all have to admit that, while we would certainly like to think that we are all kinds of “humble,” the truth of the matter is that we all let things of ourselves get in the way of our higher purposes of serving God by serving one another

4. It might be our pride, but it might also be the fact that we allow our sickness, depression, habits, thoughts about the import of manners, or cleanliness, or whatever else get in the way of that service

5. Again, NOT SO With JESUS! He does NOT serve in a way which fulfills HIS needs – no, it is ALWAYS about God the Father’s Will AND YOUR GREAT NEED!

D) The end of war/strife

1. The promise through Zechariah is that this king will bring an end to wars amongst the nations

2. EVERY king promises it, but few, if any, accomplish it

3. Every need for us to fight against God & against one another are done in by the salvation which Jesus brings us

4. HE defeats our great enemies of the devil, the world, & our sinful flesh

5. HE releases us from our innate desire to always be “one up” on one another and grants us the joy of knowing that we are truly “ONE” with God & with one another!!

E) A bloody King

1. God says that “because of the blood of My covenant with you, I will set your prisoners free from the waterless pit.”

2. ALL OF THE OT SACRIFICES were intended to point forward to THE ONE BLOODY SACRIFICE which would be sufficient for all of eternity!

3. Again, the people surely weren’t quite aware of it all, but they truly did get a bloody king, indeed, One Who would be all kinds of bloody from whips, nails, thorns, & trouble

4. The irony of it is that, early in the week, they welcome Him as Messiah & King but later in the week there were others who were boldly crying out “crucify, crucify Him!”

F) Set the prisoners free

1. THAT’S what NEVER happens under earthly, worldly kings – in fact, of the list of the over the men which I read earlier, all are known for the slaughter of thousands upon thousands & even millions upon millions murdered at their hands, or, in some cases, imprisoned

2. But this King has come to set prisoners free! We who believe in Him ARE set free from our bondage to sin, death, & the devil! It is a truly glorious thing which He has come to do!

So, welcome to PALM SUNDAY with its great joy as we welcome the King of Salvation who has come to Jerusalem to accomplish His great work

· But let us also be ready to see Him go through His bitter pangs, His suffering and His death.

· By the end of this week, this MOST UN-EARTHLY KING will go to Calvary, and will do the MOST UNKINGLY THING OF ALL, namely, to suffer & die for the sins of His people, in order to make us His people!

· Thanks be to God for THIS BLESSED KING!


Now may the peace of God which surpasses all human understanding, keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior. Amen.