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2013 Officers and Boards (updated 01/9/2013)

posted Jan 9, 2013, 8:22 AM by Jonathan Watt
2013 Officers and Boards      (updated 01/9/2013)
Elections were held on November 18,2012.
All officers, boards and committees will be installed on January 13, 2013.

----- Elected Officers -------------------------------------------
        (*Denotes Term Limit of 2 consecutive terms)
    (&Denotes limit reached)

President: (1yr*)
    Charlie Bowman (13&)

Vice President: (1yr*)
    Tom Braymen (13&)

Secretary: (1yr)
    Paula Bowman (appointed)

Financial Secretary: (1yr*)
    Randy Ehms (14)

Treasurer: (1yr*)
    Mike Lang (13&)

Elders: (2yr*)
    Jim Nelson (14&) 
    Jim Hagen (14&)
    Phil Wardenburg (13&)
    Randy Roghair (13&)
    Norm Schroeder (14&)
    Karl Peterson (13&)

Trustees: (2yr)
    Byron Bilderback (14)
    Jay Bochart (14)
    Dennis Brown (14)
    Troy Peterson (14)

----- Appointed Boards and Committees (by Church Council, Confirmed by Voters) -------------
Sunday School Superintendent: (1yr)
    Deb Meltzer (Fall 12)

Head Usher: (1yr)
    Kevin Kruse (13)

----- Currently Serving until Official Appointment by the Church Council. ------------------------
Board of Education: (2yr)
    Julie Lang (12) - Chair
    Brenda Bochart (13)
    Mindy Kaufman (13)
    Candice Peterson (13)
    Pat Stream (Representative from PreSchool Board)

Board of Youth: (2yr)
    Dennis and Joy Brown (15)
    Troy and Deanna Peterson (15)
    Timothy and Jennifer Foglesong (15)
Stewardship: (2yr)
    Randy Ehm (13)  
    Dennis Brown (13)
    Steve Bradley (13)

Mission Board: (2yr)
    Anita Wardenburg (13) - Chair
    Cindy Nelson (13)
    Carla Roghair (13)

----- Other Boards and Committees -------------------------------------------
Worship Altar Committee:
    Janette Lang - Chair  
    Pat Barkalow
    Chuck & Paula Bowman
    Steve & Judy Bradley
    Bev Braymen
    Gene & Dorothy Cook
    Sharon Eklund
    Becky Hagen
    Julie Lang
    Mike & Janette Lang
    Carla Roghair
    Radine Ward
    Anita Wardenburg
    Marti Williams
    Jean Stoll
    Dave and Maggie Dory
    Megan Schutt

Preschool Board:
    Anita Wardenburg - Chair
    Mike Lang - Vice Chair
    Pat Stream - Secretary
    Melody Stoner
    Deb Clausen
    Becky Hagen  
    Jim Nelson
    Linda Schroeder

    Dory Clausen - Parent Representative
    Rev. Jonathan Watt - Pastoral Representative
    Joy Brown - Preschool Administrator