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Announcements - Reformation Sunday; October 25, 2009

posted Oct 27, 2009, 7:30 AM by Pastor Trinity   [ updated Oct 27, 2009, 7:32 AM ]
If you haven't had a pastor / Elder visit since Pastor Watt arrived please speak to your elder to make and appointment. Don't know who your Elder is? Check the sign on Pastor's office door.

Please give Pastor Watt any names you would like to have read on the Role of the Faithful Departed on All Saints Day, next week.

Please give Pastor Watt your eMail address if you would like to receive Trinity eMail News (this is not the Chimes) by eMail or the Worship News (including order of service, hymns, and other worship info).

The 64th Convention of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod will be held in Houston, Texas July 10-17. Our circuit delegates to the convention will be Mr. Marvin Reents from St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Yorktown and Rev. Jonathan C. Watt from Trinity Lutheran, Creston. Please pray for our syond and delegates.

Adult Bible Class every Sunday (Opening 10:15am Classes start at 10:30am)

Early Risers meet at HyVee every Tuesday at 6:30am for bible study

REAL REFORMATION RADIO…You can listen to in-depth conversations on The Reformation Today, Reformation Solas, The Lord’s Supper, Vatican Attempts to Reach Out to Disaffected Anglicans, Hate Crimes Legislation and more.  Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio.  You can listen to what you want when you want at
Stewardship in Romans 3:19-28:  God’s redeemed stewards recognize the truth that we can never do enough to earn our way into God’s heaven.  Our salvation is a gracious gift of God that our Savior bled and died to gain for us.  We do our good works as a response to God’s love not as a way to earn God’s favor.

November 1, 3pm. Mark your calendar and come to Trinity to listen and sing. Organist Ryan Fredrick is the guest organist as we celebrate the Reformation with a Service of Evening Prayer and Organ Dedication. The service will feature organ music and congregational hymns with a reformation theme.

In Your Prayers This Week
Cancer: Aaron Kuhn; Rachel Stoker (former member of Trinity); Shelly Cabbage (Friend of Phil and Anita Wardenburg); Trevor Hanson (Jim Hagen's Great-nephew); Vyck Shanes (Bill Mager's brother-in-law);
Condolences: Family of David Reeves;
Hospitalized: Brayton Feinstein (surgery, newborn grandaughter of Pr. Troxel);
Illness: Bob Rassmussen; Jessica Marquardt (Neice of Marti Williams); Kaylee Hoepker;
Missions: Rev. Daniel Vogel (Missionary to Hispanic in Dennison); Rev. Dennis Konkel (Missionary to the Deaf in Des Moines);
Recovering: Curley (Dave) Stream; Jean Stoll; Joel Herzberg (skiing accident); Kylen Parsons; Lonny Riley; Loretta Ferguson; Pat Monroe (Missionary to the Deaf, Iowa West);
Shut-ins: Ruth Chase, Dale Keating, Wilma Cottrell, Pauline Young

This Week at Trinity

Sun Oct 25    Reformation Sunday
    9am    Divine Service with Holy Communion
    10:15am    Sunday school / Bible Classes
     5pm    Preschool Harvest Supper (FH)
Mon Oct 26    Pastor's Day Off
    12:30pm – 2:30pm    Preschool
    7pm    LifeLight (Mark)(FH)
Tue Oct 27    6:30am    Early Risers (HyVee)
     8:30am – 11am    Preschool
     12:30pm – 2:30pm    Preschool
     1:30pm    Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast
     1:30pm    LifeLight (Mark)
     7:30pm    Creston Area for Life - Holy Spirit Parish Hall
        107 W Howard st, Creston, IA
Wed Oct 28    12:30pm – 2:30pm    Preschool
    6pm    Junior Confirmation Classes
     7:30pm    Trustees Meeting
Thu Oct 29    8:30am – 11am    Preschool
     9:30am    Preschool Pastor Time
     12:30pm – 2:30pm    Preschool
     1:30pm    Preschool Pastor Time
Sun Nov 1    All Saints Sunday
    9am    Divine Service
    10:15am    Sunday school / Bible Classes
     12pm    Sunday School Teacher's Meeting / Fellowship
     3pm    Reformation Organ Recital
     5:30pm    Southwest LLL Zone Rally (Please RSVP)
        St. John Lutheran Church
        301 N. 13th Street, Clarinda, IA

Serving This Week

Sun Oct 25    
    Organist: Sharon Eklund    Ushers: Lyle Scheel, Randy Ehm, Jim Nelson
    Altar: Anita Wardenburg, Calra Roghar, Becky Hagen    
    Finance: Jay Bochart, Chuck Bowman
Mon Oct 26        
    Lawn Area 1: Bill Magers    Lawn Area 2: Paul Kearney
    Lawn Area 3: Byron Bilderback
Sun Nov 1        
    Ushers: Karl Peterson, Darwin Scott, Jack Quee, Lynn Kruse
    Altar: Marti Williams, Radine Ward    Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Magers
    Acolytes: Dorian Peterson, Hannah Watt