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posted Apr 14, 2011, 8:58 AM by Pastor Trinity

Adult Bible Class every Sunday (Classes start at 10:30am)

TALK RADIO FOR HOLY WEEK...You can listen to in-depth teachings on topics like: The Hymn "O Sacred Head Now Wounded," The Institution of the Lord's Supper, The Church's Observance of Passion Week, The Hymn "Ride On, Ride On in Majesty" and more. Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio. You can listen to what you want when you want at

Want more Law and Gospel? Check out Pastor Baker's web site or listen every day online 3-4pm on KFUO the Synod's Radio Station


Building Healthy Families: During the entry into Jerusalem, which would eventually lead to His torture and death, Jesus knew what the upcoming week would bring. Yet He did not waiver from His purpose. Take some time this week to reflect on your purpose: to what is God calling you? Along with those present on that first Palm Sunday, we also say today, “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna in the highest!” Lutheran Family Service of Iowa (515) 251-4900

On May 22 we will have special speaker for Adult Bible Class - Special Adult Bible Class: Glen A. Emery Director of Development Lutheran Family Service of Iowa

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of holy week and we follow Jesus as He makes His journey to the cross. Of course, His journey to the cross started long before this. Based on the Epistle common to either emphasis this Sunday, one can argue that Jesus’ journey to the cross began in Mary’s womb. “But made himself nothing, taking the form of a servant, being born in the likeness of men” (Philippians 2:7). It was a fallopian tube, not the streets of Jerusalem that first welcomed the Savior on His way to the cross.

Life Together

Thank you for all the cards, letters, prayers and well wishes for my birthday! Freida Porter.

In Your Prayers

Christian Care: Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan; Mapleton, IA tornado damage; Jane, George, Jebes, Jefrey our Sponsored orphans;
Illness, Injury, Surgery & Recovering: Frieda Porter; Gene Herzberg; Greg Boros (husband of Melody Stoner's Niece), Recieved Transplant on Thanksgiving; Jessica Marquardt (Neice of Marti Williams); Joel Herzberg; Kaylee Hoepker; Kristin Cook, Suffering from MS; Lonny Riley; Rev. Blake Rickbile, Trinity Hewit, MN (Deb Meltzer's former Pastor); Tommie Stoner;
Cancer: Amy Roan; Betty Crouse; Carol Henning; Curley (David) Stream; Don Sychra; Dorothy Decker; Ray Nuzum; Robin Kemp; Shelly Cabbage (Friend of Phil and Anita Wardenburg);
Military: Carl Green (Grand Nephew of Gene and Dorothy Cook) Afghanistan; Eric Green; (Husband of Beth Green nee Stoner) Afganistan; Isaac Herrera (Husband of Angelina Herrera); Joe Brown (Grandson of Ellen Brown), Afganistan;
Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr. Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan, Jennifer Rasch, Nigeria; Rev. Daniel Vogel (Hispanic in Dennison); Rev. Dennis Konkel (Deaf in Des Moines);
Shut-ins: Lonny Riley, Ruth Chase, Wilma Cottrell, Pauline Young;

This Week at Trinity

Sun Apr 17    No Youth Group
                     Palm Sunday, Sunday of the Passion (S/V)
                     9am      Divine Service
                     10:30am Sunday School / Bible Class
                     5pm      Bible Study (First Lutheran)
                     6pm      Divine Service (First Lutheran)

Mon Apr 18  Pastor's Day Off

Tue Apr 19   9am      Handy Helpers
                     1:30pm Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast

Wed Apr 20  No Confirmation Class

Thu Apr 21   No Adult Information Class
                                   Holy (Maundy) Thursday (W/S/V)
                     4pm      Preschool Information MeetinG
                                    Early Childhood Center Boardroom, Creston, IA
                     7pm      Holy Thursday Service

Fri Apr 22     Good Friday (BK)
                     6pm      Good Friday Service (Mount Ayr)
                     7:30pm Good Friday Tenebre Service

Sat Apr 23    Holy Saturday (BK)

Sun Apr 24    The Resurrection of Our Lord, Easter Day (W/GO)
                     7am      Sunrise Service w/ Holy Communion
                     8am      Easter Breakfast (Junior Youth Group)
                     9am      Divine Service w/ Holy Communion
                     11am    Divine Service w/ Holy Communion (Mount Ayr)

Volunteer Calendar

Sun Apr 17     
   Elder: Jack Quee
   Altar: Chuck and Paula Bowman
   Ushers: Dennis Foglesong, Tim Foglesong, Norm Schroeder, Mickenzie Hagen
   Organist: Janette Lang
   Acolytes: Alexandra Bird, Kessler Tomas
   Finance: Dennis Brown, Norm Schroeder

Thu Apr 21
   Acolytes: Jacy Eklund, Hannah Watt
   Pianist: Julie Lang
   Elder: Jack Quee

Fri Apr 22
   Acolytes: None
   Organist: Janette Lang

Sun Apr 24
   Elder: Jack Quee
   Altar: Chuck and Paula Bowman
   Acolytes: 7am: Junior Youth
   Ushers: Dennis Foglesong, Tim Foglesong, Norm Schroeder, Mickenzie Hagen
   Organist: 9am: Janette Lang
   Finance: Dennis Brown, Norm Schroeder
   Acolytes: 9am: Hannah Watt†, Jay Wolfe§
   Organist: 7am: Sharon Eklund