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posted Sep 8, 2012, 9:54 AM by Jonathan Watt


LifeLight begins Monday, Sep 10 and Tuesday, Sep 11. We will study Matthew, part two. For information and lesson material, see Janette or Mike Lang. It is not necessary to have completed Matthew part one to take this course. Please join us for this study of the Gospel according to St. Matthew.

If you are interested in hosting a bible study in your home please contact Pastor Watt 

TALK RADIO FOR THE THINKING CHRISTIAN...You can listen to teachings on topics like: How We Got the Bible, Interpreting Scripture, Holy Cross Day, 3rd Century Martyr Cyprian of Carthage and more. Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio. You can listen at your convenience at 

Patriot Day is (September 11). It's a good day once again to support those serving in the Armed Forces especially those who are deployed. One great way to do that is to supply a military Bible stick. $25 provides a free Bible stick through a military chaplain for a service member. If you'd like to sponsor a Bible stick please mark your offering "Bible stick" and place it in the offering plate this week or next week.

Why do we open up the Baptismal Font during Holy Communion? Simple, to remind you of your Baptism. Through it you were made God's child. You were marked with "the sign of the cross both upon your forehead and upon your heart, to mark you as one redeemed by Christ the Crucified." If you wish you can dip your fingers in the water and remember your baptism by retracing the cross on your forehead. 


On October 6 from 9 AM to 12 noon Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church will host a seminar dealing with grief and loss. All members of the community are invited to attend. There is no cost to the seminar. The seminar will be led by Toni Larson from Lutheran Family Services. For more information please talk to Pastor Watt. or 515-462-0566.

Christian Care: Trinity has established a Christian Care fund to help people in our communities who are in need. Our Thanksgiving offering will be used to fund this account (use your Thanksgiving envelope). You may also give to the fund at any time simply use one of the Christian Care Fund envelopes on the narthex table. Any member of Trinity may request a gift for anyone in need. Find forms for requests on the Narthex table.

2012 Military Family Retreat (Part of Operation Barnabus) September 21-23 at Camp Okiboji. This retreat is for all military families who have recently had a family member return from deployment. Please talk to Pastor Watt if you know of a military family that would benefit from this retreat. There are flyers on the narthex table. If you know a military family that would be benefited by this retreat, this would be a great opportunity to utilize the Christian Care Fund. Request forms are found on the narthex table. 

Become a Hospice Volunteer! Make a difference, you can help! Running Errands. Assisting with Activities. Reading the newspaper to a patient. Allowing the caregiver time for errands or rest. Helping with household chores. Help in the Hospice office. Please contact Dena Chapman (641)743-2264 or 

Building Healthy Families: Dad’s, do you ever wonder if you are appreciated? Your children might not be very good at telling you this, so we will: Thank you for all you do to care for, discipline, love and teach your children! You are important and your presence is critical for your children as they grow into healthy adults. Research supports our praise of your role, documenting that fatherless homes produce: 63% of youth suicides (Bureau of Census); 90% of all homeless and runaway children (CDC); 85% of children with behavioral disorders (CDC); and 85% of all youths in prison (Fulton Co, GA jail populations, TX Dept of Corrections 1992, All Pro Dads). Lutheran Family Service of Iowa (515) 251-4900. 

Habitat for Humanity seeking homeowners. Application and an interview available now. Encourage people in need of housing to make the call. Call Nancy 641 782-8597 or JoAnn 641-782-4522. Also for more information go to the Habitat for Humanity website at 

Life Quote: “Respect for those who are older, respect for those who are younger, and a determination by all concerned to love and care for each other as God loves and cares for us—and all of this generated out of reverence for God. It’s then that grey hair is a crown of splendor, and as one translation of the Bible puts it, ‘the award for a God-loyal life’ (The Message).” Rev. Trevor Keller, Face to Face radio program (Australia) – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life · #2 

Please remember to bring a few items for the Creston food bank next week. The mission board has designate the third Sunday of every month as 'Caring for Your Neighbor' Sunday.

Life Together

Attendance Report: 9/2 : 84

"HHS mandate: An attack on all people of faith" A must read article in the Washington Post by LCMS President Matt Harrison and Samuel Rodriguez. View it on the internet 

Naomi Circle will meet at 1:30 p.m. on Wednesday, September 12, 2012. The meeting will be in the Fellowship Hall. Our topic will be “I Hate to Wait” from page 16 of the Fall 2012 Quarterly. Please join us for Bible study and fellowship. 

Talk to Pastor Watt if you would be willing to take pictures of members for the church database. (515)462-0566 or 

Thanks to Devon Peterson for building the new play platforms in the preschool playground. A job well done for his Eagle Scout.

The Student Financial Aid Committee is pleased to announce that scholarships in the amount of $500 are available for any student from a Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod congregation in Iowa District West who is currently a full time student at one of the synodical universities. This scholarship is for non-church work students (provided by the District’s Kouhns Endowment). To apply for these funds, request a DISTRICT FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION from the Concordia University Financial Aid Office, complete the upper portion of the application, and ask the Financial Aid Office to send it to: Pastor David P. Loeschen 500 N. 24th St. Denison, Iowa 51442

This Week at Trinity

Sun Sep 9        Fifteenth Sunday after Pentecost

                        8:00am      Divine Service (First Lutheran) 

                        9:30am      Divine Service (HC) 

                        11:00am    Sunday School Adult Bible Class 

Mon Sep 10     Pastor's Day Off

                        7:00pm      Life Light Bible Study - Matthew Part 2 

Tue Sep 11      6:30am      Early Risers (McDonalds) 

                        1:30pm      Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast


                        1:30pm      Life Light Bible Study - Matthew Part 2 

                        5:30pm      Habitat for Humanity Meeting (FH) 

                        6:30pm      Preschool Board

Wed Sep 12     1:30pm      Naomi Circle (FH) 

                        6:00pm      Confirmation Class 

                        7:30pm      Church Council Meeting (FH) 

Thu Sep 13      9:30am      Preschool Pastor Time 

                        1:30pm      Preschool Pastor Time 

Fri Sep 14        Creston Hot Air Balloon Days

Sat Sep 15        Creston Hot Air Balloon Days

Sun Sep 16      Sixteenth Sunday after Pentecost

                        Caring for Your Neighbor - Food Bank

                        Creston Hot Air Balloon Days

                        8:00am      Divine Service (First Lutheran) 

                        9:30am      Divine Service 

                        11:00am    Sunday School Adult Bible Class

In Your Prayers

Christian Care: Jane, George, Jabes, Jefery our sponsored orphans in Africa; 

Cancer: Kenneth Goeglein (Brother of Dorothy Cook); Megan Anderson;

Illness, Injury, Facing Surgery or Recovering: Bob Rasmussen (Brother-in-Law of Janice Nook); Rheanna Miller (Kindergartener, Brain Tumor);

Military: Aaron Hoogland (Nephew of Carla Roghair); Carl Green (Grand Nephew of Gene Cook); Michael Kaufman;

Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan and Jennifer Rasch, Africa; Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa;

Shutins: Frieda Porter, Al Schroeder; Lonny Riley; Ruth Chase; Wilma Cottrell, Pauline Young;