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The First Sunday in Advent (December 2, 2012)

posted Nov 30, 2012, 11:30 AM by Jonathan Watt


"To help create successful, independent children in a safe Christian setting." Trinity Lutheran Preschool is a gift from God. Please help by volunteering for this important ministry. You will find a Preschool Event Volunteer Sign-Up Sheet in the sign-up book on the narthex table. Look for the yellow tab marked "Preschool". Some events that you could help with:

·         Sunday, December 16 Christmas Program, 1:15 PM to 4 PM;

·         Sunday, January 27 Lutheran schools week Congregational concert 9 AM to 11 AM;

·         Sunday, February 17 Father's Night, 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM;

·         Sunday, April 21 Mother's Tea Party 5:45 PM to 8:30 PM;

·         Graduation, Thursday, May 16 4 PM to 9 PM. 

Christmas Worship Schedule: At Trinity we celebrate Christmas by preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by having services every Wednesday in December. These services are called Advent.

·         Advent services are at 7 PM. December 5, 12 and 19;

·         Christmas Eve service candlelight is at 7 PM December 24;

·         Christmas Day service is at 9:30 AM December 25;

·         New Year's Eve service is at 7 PM December 31;

Please come and join us as we celebrate the good news that Jesus was born, lived, and died on the cross for our sins. 

FLOCK will meet December 12 at 6:00pm this month. This is for grades K-4. 

Join Early Risers for Bible reading and discussion 6:30am every Tuesday morning at McDonalds. 

LUTHERAN CATECHESIS FOR LAYPEOPLE...Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran Public Radio and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken. This week's topics include: Christianity & Capitalism, The Real St. Nicholas, The Birth of Jesus Foretold, 4th Century Hymnwriter Ambrose of Milan and more. You can listen to what you want when you want at 



Become a Hospice Volunteer! Make a difference, you can help! Running Errands. Assisting with Activities. Reading the newspaper to a patient. Allowing the caregiver time for errands or rest. Helping with household chores. Help in the Hospice office.Please contact Dena Chapman (641)743-2264 or 

Building Healthy Families: Some who are in a troubled marriage relationship believe that things will be better if they divorce. Research shows that most couples who work through their problems and stay married report 5 years later that they are generally happy and content and grateful that they did not choose divorce during the rough times. If you know someone who is thinking of divorce, gently encourage them to talk to an LFS counselor or visit LFS’ website. Be their link to a counselor who can help them restore their relationship instead of end it. Lutheran Family Service of Iowa (515) 251-4900 

Fresh deer meat in 2 lb. pkgs will be available for anyone beginning December 6, 4-6 pm at the First Presbyterian Church (Sponsored by FPC Deacon’s). 

Life Quote: “If we as pro-life people can understand that the issue of orphan care—whether that’s advocating for unborn orphans, or advocating for born orphans in the United States or around the world—is not simply stopping bad things from happening to children … Instead, there is also a deeper issue here, which is that our advocacy for women and children who are under assault by forces so dark and evil that we cannot even contemplate it, can teach us and show us how to be the Church, how to embrace the Gospel, how to live in the unity of the Spirit—and we see something of what this looks like by what the Spirit is doing in the life of Joseph.” Dr. Russell D. Moore, author of “Adopted for Life: The Priority of Adoption for Christian Families” – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life ·

Life Together

Attendance Report: November 25 (Thanksgiving):84, Holy Communion 69; November 28: 57

Refreshments for our fellowship time today have been provided by Thrivent Financial for Lutherans. 

Hanging of the Greens will be December 9th at 12pm. Mark your calendars. There will be a potluck brunch. Decorations will be removed on January 6 following Bible class and Sunday school. 

Love’s Light Musical Concert 2:00 p.m. at Creston High School. Proceeds from this event are designated for Habitat for Humanity of Union County. 

Rachel Circle Christmas Gathering: Tuesday December 4 at 6:30. We'll meet at the home of Linda Schroeder 403 Palm St. Bring a snack to share and a $10 range grab bag gift if you'd like to participate. 

Stewardship: 1 Thessalonians 3:9 “For what thanksgiving can we return to God for you, for all the joy that we feel for your sake before our God?” We can never out give God and we can never return enough thanks to Him for all His benefits to us. Indeed, we will have plenty to do in eternity worshiping Him and praising Him in thanksgiving. All our good works, stewardship included, flow from this overwhelming sense of thanksgiving toward God for all His gifts to us. 

The Lutheran High School of Greater New Orleans is the only Missouri Synod high school in the entire Southern District-LCMS. Its mission is to share the gospel and provide a Christ centered learning community that stresses academic excellence and encourages spiritual, intellectual, and social growth in preparing young adults to serve in the world. We invite you to join us in supporting and maintaining the mission of Lutheran High School. Would you prayerfully consider a contribution? All donations may be mailed directly to Lutheran High School at 3864 17th St., Metairie, LA 70002. You may also visit the website at 

Help Pastor Watt improve his preaching. Fill out a Sermon Review. Forms are found in the pew rack or ask an Usher. 

Please remember to tell Pastor Watt (email works best) if you are planning to provide flowers for the altar, even if you have written it on the altar flower calendar on the narthex table. Thanks Pastor Watt. 

Prayer Request pads can be found on the Narthex Table. Please fill out the form and give it to Pastor Watt or place it in the "Prayer Requests" mailbox. Unless otherwise requested prayer request will be repeated for three (3) sundays. 

Talk to Pastor Watt if you would be willing to take pictures of members for the church database. (515)462-0566 or 

Trinity Lutheran Church news can be found on the church web page simply go to 

You can now access the church directory online! You can also update your church database information. Please talk to Pastor Watt if you want to get access. Call, eMail or in person. (515)462-0566 or 



This Week at Trinity

Sun Dec 2              1st Sunday in Advent

                                9:30am              Divine Service 

                                11:00am           Divine Service (First Lutheran)

                                11:00am           Sunday School Adult Bible Class 

                                2:00pm              Love's Light Musical Concert

Mon Dec 3            Pastor's Day Off

                                9:00am              Confessions Reading Group

Tue Dec 4              6:30am              Early Risers (McDonalds) 

                                1:30pm              Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast


                                7:00pm              Rachel Circle

Wed Dec 5            6:00pm              Confirmation Class 

                                7:00pm              Advent Service 

                                8:30pm              Board of Elders (FH)

Thu Dec 6             9:30am              Preschool Pastor Time 

                                1:30pm              Preschool Pastor Time 

Sun Dec 9              2nd Sunday in Advent       

                                8:00am              Divine Service (First Lutheran) 

                                9:30am              Divine Service (HC)

                                11:00am           Sunday School Adult Bible Class 

                                12:00pm           Hanging of the Greens w/ Pot Luck (Brunch)

                                6:00pm              Youth Group (Caroling)

Serving at Trinity

Sun Dec 2, 2012                

Altar: Dave and Maggie Dory

Elder: Phil Wardenberg

Organist: Sharon Eklund

Acolytes: Alex Brown; Ben Bargstadt

Ushers: John Wolfe, Dave Dorey, Eddie Tomas, Kevin Kruse

Finance: Dennis Brown, Joyce Kruse

Wed Dec 5, 2012                               

Acolytes: Cali Foglesong; Caitlyn Bargstadt

Organist: Carla Roghair

Sun Dec 9, 2012                                

Altar: Dave and Maggie Dory

Finance: Steve Bradley, Lyle Scheel

Acolytes: Devon Peterson; Cassidy Riley

Elder: Phil Wardenberg

Organist: Sharon Eklund

Ushers: John Wolfe, Dave Dorey, Eddie Tomas, Kevin Kruse