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posted Nov 4, 2011, 11:54 AM by Jonathan Watt


Give the Gift of God's Word to the Preschool Families! The preschool board is giving "The Story Bible" as a Christmas gift to each of the preschool families. If you'd like to help please fill out the envelope on the narthex table put in your donation and put it in the collection plate. 

THE FAITH ONCE FOR ALL DELIVERED TO THE SAINTS... Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio. Topics include: Was Martin Luther Anti-Semitic?, Jesus Heals an Official's Son, Crossing the Red Sea, Bible Study Groups and more. You can listen at your convenience at 

The Tuesday afternoon LifeLight class scheduled for Tuesday Nov 8, 2001 has been rescheduled and will be held on Monday, November 7 at 1:30 p.m. 

Volunteers needed to hang church information on neighborhood doors. Sunday afternoon November 20, at 2pm we'll canvas an area of town to distribute information about our church. Following the distribution we'll have fellowship with delicious deserts. Help is also needed to stuff the door hangers. Meet in the classroom at the back of the sanctuary on Wednesday November 16 at 6:30pm. 


Building Healthy Families: Why do we procrastinate? According to author Rita Emmett in her book, The Procrastinator’s Handbook, there are two main reasons why we procrastinate. Either the project is too overwhelming or the things we are putting off are unpleasant. So true! Her advice is to set small goals for completing projects and establishing deadlines for them. This helps eliminate stress and makes tasks more enjoyable. Lutheran Family Service of Iowa (515)251-4900

Carolathon! will be held for the second year during the Creston Uptown festivities before the Lighted Christmas Parade on Thursday, December 1. The lobby of the newly restored Iowana will be the location. People can come and go (or stay) to listen to featured performers and to join in group singing between 5 and 6:30 p.m. Admission is free. Individuals, churches and other organizations can support this event by pledging or donating in advance as follows: To hear your favorite local musical group $50 To sponsor a vocal or instrumental soloist $25 To request a favorite carol or holiday song $10 The event is sponsored by the Union County Ministerial Alliance, and all funds are used to help local residents in need. The deadline for printed acknowledgment of donations is Thursday, November 17. Contact The Rev. Janna Tull Steed at (641)782-7169 or for information. 

Life Quote: “There are many perspectives from which to view adoption. Perhaps we Christians will find needed strength and encouragement and hope when we view it through our adoption by God in Christ. Apart from Christ, all His children are adopted. He must know something about it!” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life – (6 Nov 11, Inbox)

YOU CAN HELP WITH MERCY OUTREACH! Helping those in need in our local area is a goal of Trinity's Mission Board. During the month of November, our members will fill the grocery cart in the entry as many times as we can. Donations will be given to the Creston Food Pantry. Especially needed at this time are canned chicken, tuna, and other meats and also paper products, but all non-perishable food items are appreciated. CAN WE DO IT? YES, WE CAN! Thank you. 

Life Together

Attendance Report: 10/30: 76 h/c 68;

Flowers on the altar are given in memory Kenny Breach and Cliff Nook. Given by Janice Nook and Teri and Dennis Hudson and Pr Michael, Karen, Thomas and Matthew Breach 

If you wish to provide flowers for the altar please eMail and/or use the Altar Flower sheet in the signup book on the Narthex table (be sure to notify pastor in writing, a pad is provided on the narthex table). The altar flower schedule can be found on the church web page. Look for "Altar Flowers" in the main menu or navigate to 

Join us for Reformation Movie Night!: November 6, 6:30pm. We'll watch the new movie about C.F.W.Walther the first President of the Lutheran Church--Missouri Synod. Bring "snacky" food to share.  Popcorn will be provided!  It is the story of the beginning of our church body. 

Naomi Circle of LWML will meet Wednesday, November 9, 2011 at 1:30 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall. Our topic will be “God’s Mirror” found in the Fall 2011 Quarterly, pages 19 & 20. Please join us for Bible study and fellowship. 

Sunday School Teachers meetings will be the first Sunday of every month following Sunday school / Bible Classes. Bring a sack lunch. 

Announcements for the Electronic sign in the Narthex can be emailed to pastor or placed in the Announcements mailbox. 

This Week at Trinity

Sun Nov 6           All Saints' Day (Observed) (W)

                              Flowers In Memory of Kenny Breach and Cliff Nook

                              Daylight Saving Time Ends

                              8:00am              Divine Service (First Lutheran)

                              9:30am              Divine Service

                              11:00am           Sunday School Adult Bible Class

                              12:00pm           Sunday School Teacher's Meeting (FH)

                              6:30pm              Reformation Movie Night (FH) - Walther -

                                                          Trinity Fellowship Hall

Mon Nov 7         Pastor's Day Off

                              9:00am              Confessions Reading Group

                              1:30pm              LifeLight Bible Study (FH)

                              7:00pm              LifeLight Bible Study (FH)

Tue Nov 8           Election Day

                              6:30am              Early Risers (McDonalds)

                              1:30pm              Streams of Living Water, Sermon Broadcast


                              5:30pm              Habitat for Humanity Meeting (FH)

                              6:30pm              Preschool Board

Wed Nov 9          1:30pm              Naomi Circle (FH)

                              6:00pm              Jr. Confirmation - &s

                              7:30pm              Church Council Meeting (FH)

Thu Nov 10        Martin Luther's birthday

Fri Nov 11           Veterans Day

Sat Nov 12          Circuit Rural Small Town Ministry Workshop, Rural Clarinda

Sun Nov 13         Twenty-Second Sunday after Pentecost—Proper 28 (G)

                              8:00am              Divine Service (First Lutheran)

                              9:30am              Divine Service

                              11:00am           Sunday School Adult Bible Class

                              12:00pm           Special Voter's Meeting (Budget, Ballot) (FH)

                              7:00pm              Youth Group and Jr. Youth Group (FH)


Serving at Trinity this Week

Sun Nov 6, 2011

Acolytes: Alex Brown, Hannah Watt

Elder: Jack Quee

Pianist: Julie Lang

Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Magers

Altar: Radine Ward, Marti Williams

Ushers: Mike Lang, Bill Magers, Paul Kearney, Karl Peterson

Sun Nov 13, 2011

Acolytes: Cali Fogelsong, Ben Bargstadt

Elder: Jack Quee

Finance: Paul Kearney, Bill Magers

Altar: Radine Ward, Marti Williams

Ushers: Mike Lang, Bill Magers, Paul Kearney, Karl Peterson 

In Your Prayers

Christian Care: Jane, George, Jabes, Jefery our sponsored orphans in Africa;

Cancer: Dana Austin; (Mother of Dane Wardenburg's Girlfriend); Don Sychra; Dorothy Decker; Jaque Claubaugh (niece of Paula Bowman); Jennifer Winters; Kara (classmate of Hannah Watt); Kathrine Adams; Melinda Skellenger; Melissa Viers; Ray Nuzum; Robin Kemp; Vivian Herzberg (daughter of Lawrence & Jeanne Herzberg);

Illness, Injury, Facing Surgery or Recovering: Becky Hagen; Brenda Cook; (Non malignant brain tumor); Cathy "Katie" Dryden (surgery); Janette Lang; Rev. Ray Smith (friend of Pr. Watt, back surgery);

Military: Carl Green (Grand Nephew of Gene Cook), Afghanistan;

Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan and Jennifer Rasch, Africa; Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa;

Shutins: Al Schroeder; Lonny Riley; Ruth Chase; Wilma Cottrell, Pauline Young;