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The Seventeenth Sunday after Pentecost Announcements: October 5, 2014

posted Oct 3, 2014, 12:26 PM by Jonathan Watt
This Week at Trinity

Sun Oct 5
  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service/HC
  • 9:30 am (MA) SS/Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service
  • 11:00 am (CR) SS/Bible Class 
Mon Oct 6
  • Pastor’s Day Off
  • 6:30 pm (CR) LifeLight Bible Study
Tue Oct 7
  • Pastor in Mount Ayr
  • 6:30 pm (CR) Early Risers
  • 1:30 pm (CR) Rachel Circle
  • 7:00 pm (MA) Community Committee 
Wed Oct 8
  • 1:30 pm (CR) Naomi Circle
  • 6:00 pm (CR) Confirmation Class
  • 7:30 pm (CR) All Boards Meet
Thu Oct 9
  • 9:45 am (CR) Preschool Chapel
  • 1:45 am (CR) Preschool Chapel
Sun Oct 12
  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service
  • 9:30 am (MA) SS/Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service/HC
  • 11:00 am (CR) SS/Bible Class
  • 2:00 pm (CR) Linda Bartlett Presentation

Attendance        Sunday, September 28th-77, C-57

  • Cancer: Al Davis; Duane Dunhan; Grace Weese; Jeff Bierle; Kenny Goeglein; Lisa Britt; Marvin Wissink; Merle Triggs; Mike Rollings; Paula Bowman; Randy Porter; Rhonda Smith; Ron Harris; Wes Keeler;
  • General: Prayers for all the boards and board members who serve in our congregation. Prayers for the opening of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Creston. The persecuted church, especially in Iraq; We pray for those in our community in need of assistance from our Christian Care Fund. We pray that God would continue to lead people to work in His Church as Pastors and Teachers.
  • IIS&R: Danna Rains; Doyle Hembry; Ethan Bulgrin; Gailen Foreman; Helen Terry; Jace Zellmer; Jackson 18 months old was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease; Marie Burmeister; Ruth Lyons; Tricia Niehaus; 
  • Military: Aaron Hoogland; Michael Kaufman;
  • Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr. Oliver, Seminary Professor in Taiwan; Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa;
  • Seminary Students: Timothy Meyer, Chris Troxel, Martin Herzberg; and Luke Watt;
  • Shut-ins: Don Campbell, May Carlisle, Mary Carson, Ruth Chase, Wilma Cottrell, Jeanne Herzberg, Irene Hogue, Freida Porter, Lonny Riley;

Linda Bartlett Presents:
“The Failure of Sex Education in the Church. 
Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity”
October 12th at 2:00 pm 
Trinity Lutheran Church—Fellowship Hall

Please read Linda’s extensive work to bring information to parents and their children on leading sexually pure lives as taught to us in the Bible. Linda has researched both secular and Biblical information to present the truth in love about the sexual movement in our country. Please take this opportunity to listen and respond to the findings as Linda presents them. After Linda presents her book there will be a panel of clergy along with Linda who will answer your questions. 

Linda’s book is available at Amazon and you can find more information on this subject at Linda Barlett’s website:

This presentation is for all ages of our congregation. Teens, parents, grandparents and those who have responsibility to raise and influence our children should be inspired to come and hear what Linda has to present to us to preserve our children and our values for future generations.

Join Early Risers for Bible reading and discussion 6:30am every Tuesday morning 

Bible Sticks for the military chaplains to share with our troops from all branches of the service. We are once again collecting funds during the month of October to support this ministry. Please place your donations in the collection plate and mark for the “Military BibleSticks.” 

Life Together

  • Help Pastor Watt improve his preaching. Fill out a Sermon Review. Forms are found in the pew rack or ask an Usher.
  • Prayer Request pads can be found on the Narthex Table. Please fill out the form and give it to Pastor Watt or place it in the "Prayer Requests" mailbox. Unless otherwise requested prayer request will be repeated for three (3) Sundays.
  • Webpage: Trinity Lutheran Church news can be found on the church web page simply go to
  • You are invited to an Oktoberfest celebration for the dedication of the new Lutheran Family Service Ministry Center at 230 9th Avenue North, Fort Dodge on Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 11:30 am - Noon Fellowship & Refreshments; Noon - 1:00 pm Brief Program including Annual meeting, Re-dedication of the building and lunch. 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Visiting, refreshments, music, kids & adult games, LFS ministry learning posts and tours of the building.
  • ANNUAL ALTAR GUILD MEETING will be held Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary with Pastor Watt. Please make every effort to attend this important meeting. Anyone interested in learning how we serve the Lord in this way please feel free to attend. There is no obligation to become a member of the Guild. Please contact Janette Lang (782-7922) or Pastor Watt with any questions or concerns.
  • Naomi Circle meets on Wednesday, October 8th at 1:30 pm in the Fellowship Hall. Our topic will be "Living in Pain. Life Plan Disrupted" Found on page 18 of the Summer quarterly. You are always welcome to join us for Bible Study and fellowship.
  • Stewardship: Matthew 21:43  “Therefore I tell you, the kingdom of God will be taken away from you and given to a people producing its fruits.” The Pharisees were not bearing fruit. Though they were faithful to the letter of the Law in keeping the Sabbath, tithing, and all the rest: they neglected the heart of God’s will. The grace of God belongs at the center. Our giving and all our other good works flow forth from receiving God’s grace and living in that grace on a daily basis.
  • LADIES - Now is the time to register for the half-day Women's Retreat featuring Christian writer/speaker Deb Burma to be held at Shepherd of the Valley, West Des Moines, Iowa, on Saturday, November 8, 2014. You may register on-line at or via a quick pone call (515-225-1623).
  • Join Early Risers for Bible reading and discussion 6:30am every Tuesday morning now meeting in the fellowship hall. Breakfast now being served.

  • “There is nothing political about preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ into the hearts of those men and women crushed by an abortion decision in their past. There is nothing political about proclaiming that the blood of Christ, the blood on our altar, was shed for the sin of abortion. It is the ONLY message that can possibly bring healing to hearts broken by the sin of making a decision to have their own child killed. Indeed, it is a horrible offense to the Gospel to have this precious news and never apply it to the sin of abortion, never speak it for fear of being ‘political.’” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life ·


  • Pastor Watt continues a study of Paul's letters to the Thessalonians today (Adult bible class hour). In these short letters, St. Paul encourages the small Thessalonian congregation to live in the Gospel and to fulfill their calling as Christians in a very pagan culture. Also we see Paul's deep pastoral care as he addresses issues in the life of the small congregation. The problems come from living in a hostile pagan culture and misunderstandings of Paul's prior teaching. Important topics covered in the letters include: The intermediate state (what happens to Christians when they die); The resurrection of the dead; The "Rapture" ; Christian vocation; and the doctrine of antichrist. Join us following worship every Sunday as we read the text and apply it to our own context.
  • PROFOUND, PROVOCATIVE, PROFESSIONAL....Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL. This week's topics include: Christian Preaching, Decision Theology, God Calls Abram, Liberal Lutheranism, The Movie "Maze Runner" and more. You can listen to what you want when you want at

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Serving At Trinity

Oct 5
  • (CR) Organist: Carla Roghair
  • (CR) Acolytes: Scott Walter; Caitlyn Bargstadt
Oct 12
  • (CR) Acolytes: Justin Parsons; Lauren Hadley
Serving in October:
  • (CR) Elder: Jim Nelson
  • (MA) Elder: Mark Larsen
  • (CR) Ushers: Dennis Brown; Ed Tomas; Eric Eklund;Randy Roghair
  • (CR) Finance: Jim Nelson; Eric & Gina Eklund
  • (CR) Altar: Pat Barkalow; Gene & Dorothy Cook