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The Sixth Sunday after Pentecost ~ Announcements: July 20, 2014

posted Jul 18, 2014, 7:06 AM by Jonathan Watt
This Week at Trinity

Sun Jul 20
  • Caring for Your Neighbor—Food Bank
  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service H/C
  • 9:30 am (MA) Sunday School/Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service/HC
  • 11:00 am (CR) Sunday School/Bible Class
  • 12:00 pm (CR) Voter’s Meeting
Sun Jul 20—24
  • 6:15 (MA) Vacation Bible School
Sun Jul 20—24
  • Union County Fair
Mon Jul 21
  • Pastor’s Day Off
Sun Jul 27
  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service H/C
  • 9:30 am (MA) Sunday School/Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service/HC
  • 11:00 am (CR) Sunday School/Bible Class

Serving At Trinity
Serving in July
  • (CR) Elder: Dave Dory
  • (MA) Elder: Doug Bullock
  • (CR) Ushers: Dave Dory; Mike Lang
  • (CR) Altar: Jean Stoll; Radine Ward; Marti Williams
  • (CR) Finance: Needed
Thank you to all those who volunteer to serve our congregation. Your service is appreciated. Thank you!


Cancer: Kenneth Goeglein; Mike Rollings; Merle Triggs; Al Davis; Grace Weese; Janice Shepherd; Wes Keeler; LaVern Otte; Jeff Bierle; Tim Stalker; Cindy Ray; Larry Davis; Paula Bowman; Rhonda Smith; Ron Harris; Duane Dunhan; 

Christian Care: Jane, George, Jabes, Jefery our sponsored orphans in Africa; 

Condolences: At the passing of Leland Wienck (brother of Theola Bullock)

Illness Injury Surgery & Recovering: Ethan Bulgrin; Gailen Foreman; Marie Burmiester; Danna Rains; Jace Zellmer; Don Harris; Cindy Isdahl; Janette Lutrick; Cindy Nelson; Military: Aaron Hoogland; Michael Kaufman; Denise McClary; 

Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan and Jennifer Rasch, Africa; Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa; 

Seminary Students: Timothy Meyer, Chris Troxel, and Martin Herzberg;

Shut-ins: Mary Carson; Ruth Chase; Wilma Cottrell; Jeanne Herzberg; Frieda Porter; Lonny Riley; Don Campbell; May Carlisle: Irene Hoague;

General: Ask God to bring children to our VBS program so we can share the love of Jesus with them. 

We ask for God to be with those who volunteer to give them His Words to share. 

Ask God to provide faithful people who will advocate for the unborn, the elderly, and those with disabilities to form a Life Team at Trinity.

Gangway to Galilee VBS Mt Ayr

Starts tonight at 6:15 pm. Come and enjoy the fun of spreading God’s Word to the children of the community.


PARABLES SERIES ....Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken. You can listen to teachings by Lutheran experts on: The Prodigal Son, The Lost Sheep, The Good Samaritan, The Lost Coin, The Wise & Foolish Builders and more. You can listen at your convenience at 

Thank you to the amazing response for food, decorations, and volunteers for this years VBS. We had a great week here in Creston and are looking forward to this week in Mount Ayr.


July 20 “We all live with dying. We also live in a culture that does not know how to live with dying and turns to death as a solution to the problems of life. Paul reminds us that as we live with dying, Christ comforts us with the certainty that it would be ‘far better’ to depart and be with Him. But he also reminds us that the timing belongs to God. If He gives continued life it is ‘more necessary’ that we go on living. But whether we live or die, Christ is at work and He will be honored!” Rev. Dr. James I. Lamb, executive director of Lutherans For Life – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life ·

If you are interested in attending the 2014 Lutherans for Life National Conference in Grand Rapids, MI on October 24-25th, there is information on the Narthex table. 

Life Thoughts for July 20 – Sixth Sunday after Pentecost – Being certain of what you hope for makes hoping all the more hopeful! Christian hope in suffering goes beyond, “I hope this ends.” Christian hope anchors itself in the certainty that an unending glory awaits that will make even the greatest suffering seem insignificant (Romans 8:18). Prayer: Lord Jesus, be with us in our suffering and give us the certain hope of the glory to come. Amen.

Tornado Assistance needed for Iowa and Nebraska
Ellie Menz sent an email asking for “We Care Tubs” . The information on what is needed for each tub is on a sheet in the Narthex.  Please consider either donating items for the tubs or money to purchase items for the tubs. Information for delivering the tubs and/or money is included on the sheets. 
Please pray for those who have been effected by these storms that the Word of God can come to these people through caring and thoughtful people like you.

Life Together

There will be a wedding shower for Maggie Christensen bride to be of Tyler Peterson, on July 27 at 2pm in the Trinity Fellowship Hall. Everyone is invited to attend. 

Bulletin Announcement pads can be found on the Narthex Table. Please fill out the form and give it to Pastor Watt or place it in the "Bulletin Announcements" mailbox. Unless otherwise requested announcements will not be repeated. 

Marge and Darwin Scott thank everyone for the cards and well wishes; and for being part of their special anniversary. 

Pastor McKnight's retirement will be July 27. Anyone wishing to send cards should send them to Concordia Lutheran Church, 755 Concordia Lane, Steamboat Springs, CO 80487. 

The Watt Family thanks everyone for their kindness during the final days that Pastor's mother Lois had with us. Thank you also for all the words of support at the time of her passing. Our family is blessed to have such a caring and considerate congregation at this time. 

We are short offering counter help for July. If you can help, please sign up in the narthex. If you can sign up to help just for a week or two that would be great. If you can sign up for the whole month, that would also be great. Any questions let me know.... THANK YOU!!! - Cathy Dryden 

Stewardship: Luke 5:5 “And Simon answered, "Master, we toiled all night and took nothing! But at your word I will let down the nets."” All our toil, all our work, all our efforts mean nothing without the Lord’s guidance. But if we walk in the Word of Jesus…well, look what happened to Simon Peter

LWML—In Gathering items for the LWML Fall Rally will be School Kits. The Fall Rally will be held at the Creston location on Oct 4, 2014 in the fellowship hall. The bags for the School Kits are located under the narthex table in the box marked “LWML” in Creston. Also on the narthex table is a list of the items for the School Kits please take one. There will be more information on this event in September. All the ladies are welcome to participate. There will be bags and School Kits sheets available in the Mt Ayr location. For the Mt Ayr location please place the filled bags in Pastor’s Transfer box to come over to Creston. Any questions please contact Janice Nook.