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The Third Sunday in Advent

posted Dec 11, 2015, 11:46 AM by Unknown user

This Week at Trinity


Sun Dec  13      8:00 am Divine Service (MA)

                         9:30 am Bible Class (MA)

                         9:45 am Divine Service/ (CR)

                         11:00 am Sun School/ Bible Class (CR)

                         2:00 pm Preschool Christmas Program

                         6:00 pm Preschool Board


Mon Dec 14 Pastor’s Day Off


Tue Dec   15 6:30 am Early Risers

9:00 am Handy Helpers-Quilting

11:30 am Streams of Living Water

12:00 pm Pastor in Mount Ayr Office

7:00 pm Bible Study  (MA)


Wed Dec  16 5:45 pm Soup Supper

6:00 pm Confirmation Class

7:00 pm Advent Service

8:00 pm Church Council

Thu Dec  17 9:45 pm & 1:45 pm Preschool Chapel

Sun Dec 20 Caring for your Neighbor Food Bank

8:00 am Divine Service/HC (MA)

9:30 am Sun School/ Bible Class (MA)

9:45 am Divine Service (CR)

11:00 am Sun School / Bible Class (CR)


Cancer: Al Davis; Cheryl Harper; Dale Kirk; Denice Creveling; Ethel Campbell; Gary Meek; Grace Weese;  Jamie Boos; Larry Davis;  Linda Hasstedt; Mady Henson; Maryann Kenyon; Merle Triggs; Mike Rollings; Pam Koring; Pastor Paul Garchow: Randy Nemitz; Rhonda Smith; Roger Schulze; Ross Craft; Steve Rall; Ted Bader;       

General: We pray that God would continue to lead people to work in His Church as Pastors and Teachers.

Hospice Care: Lonny Riley;

IIS&R:  Marie Burmeister; Velma Lorenz; Ronald Miller; Bonnie Wissink;     

Military: Aaron Hoogland; Nathan Nonneman;

Missions: Concordia Mission Society;

Dr Oliver, Seminary Professor in Taiwan;

James and Christel Neuendorf (Dominican Republic);

Pastor Daniel Vogel (Hispanic Missions in Iowa);

Pastor Herb and Markie Burch (Peru);

Pastor James and Angela Sharp and Family (Uruguay);

Pastor Joel and Clarion Fritsche and Family (Dominican Republic);

Seminary Students:  Chris Troxel; Martin Herzberg; and Luke Watt;

Shutins: Don Campbell; May Carlisle; Mary Carson; Wilma Cottrell; Jeanne Herzberg; Irene Hogue; Freida   Porter; Bertha Jensen; Velma Lorenz;


Life Together

This is a reminder that there are several colors and sizes of Trinity tee shirts that are available to purchase for $10.00. They are located on a bookshelf in the fellowship hall and an envelope is right there too for your convenience of your payment. Thank you.


Announcements for the Electronic sign in the Narthex can be emailed to pastor or placed in the Announcements mailbox.


Please remember to tell Pastor Watt (email works best) if you are planning to provide flowers for the altar, even if you have written it on the altar flower calendar on the narthex table. Thanks Pastor Watt.


There will be an Advent Pot Luck Dinner before the last advent service on December 16 at 5:45pm.

Please sign up to help with desserts and crackers.


Trinity in Creston has a new rack with new tracks. Even though most of the topics are the same, there are a few new topics. Please feel free to browse through them and take some. Marti Williams is the new "caretaker" of the Project Connect, so if you don't see a certain topic or have any questions regarding this, please feel free to talk with her. Trinity in Mt. Ayr did not have a rack with tracks so they now have the one that was in Creston. The Mission Board


Trinity Preschool is collecting Labels for Education. There is box on the table in the Narthex.


Visitors: We do collect offerings during our worship services. While we believe this is a chance for each believer to be a good steward of the gifts they have received from God, we do not expect you to give an offering while you are our guest.




"Cans for Cancer": Everyone has been touched by cancer whether directly or indirectly. We pray for many every week of the year. Let's work together to do somethingin addition to our prayers! Start aaving your pop cans (any cans as long as they are worth a nickel and rinsed out.) We'll have a container at both locations and collect cans through June15 with funds being donated to Relay for Life. The night of Relay for Life (June 17) we would like to have some fellowship time with a table set up at the event here in Creston with Trinity information, snacks, etc. and suopport those we know as they take the first survivor lap. Save that date! Watch for more information as we begin the new year. In the mean time.... save those cans! Julie Lang



 2017 marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Keep up to date on the celebration. Visit the LCMS web page dedicated to the anniversary. "Reformation 2017 It's Still All about Jesus"



Join Early Risers for Bible reading and discussion 6:30am every Tuesday morning in the fellowship hall. Breakfast is served.


 The Sunday School Children will be presenting the Story of Jesus birth to us on December 13 at the 9:45am Service (CR). There will be Congregational fellowship following in the fellowship hall.



Trinity Lutheran Church, Thanks for the recent gift of love to our ministry in the Dominican Republic. Because of your support we are able to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who most need to hear it! Have a Merry Christmas!

Your missionaries: James and Christel Neuendorf