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The Third Sunday in Lent Announcements: March 23, 2014

posted Mar 21, 2014, 12:39 PM by Jonathan Watt

This Week at Trinity

Sun Mar 23

  • 8:00am Divine Service (MA)
  • 9:30am Sunday School/Bible Class (MA)
  • 9:45am Divine Service/HC (CR)
  • 11:00am Sunday School/Bible Class (CR)

Mon Mar 24    Pastor's Day Off

  • 6:30pm LifeLight

Tue Mar 25 

  • 6:30am Early Risers
  • 1:30pm Lifelight

Wed Mar 26

  • 6:00pm Confirmation Class
  • 7:00pm Lenten Service (CR)
  • 8:00pm Vicar Committee Meeting

Sun Mar 30

  • 8:00am Divine Service (MA)
  • 9:30am Sunday School/Bible Class (MA)
  • 9:45am Divine Service (CR)
  • 11:00am Sunday School/Bible Class (CR)


The Mite box for LWML will be in the back of church throughout the month of March for the collection of mites. Thank you.


Lenten Congregational Pot Luck

Wednesday, April 9th at 5:30 pm.

Please join us for this time of fellowship and food.


Serving At Trinity

CR=Creston, MA=Mount Ayr

Sun Mar 23

  • (CR) Acolytes: Shady, Logan; Riley, Cassidy
  • (CR) Organist: Sharon Eklund
  • (MA) Organist: Ethel Campbell

Wed Mar 26

  • (CR) Acolytes: Bargstadt, Caitlyn;Tomas, Kolby
  • (CR) Organist: Carla Roghair

Sun Mar 30

  • (CR) Acolytes: Hadley, Lauren;Riley, Alexandria
  • (CR) Pianist: Julie Lang
  • (MA) Organist: Ethel Campbell

Serving in March

  • (MA) Elder: Doug Bullock
  • (CR) Elder: Jim Nelson
  • (CR) Finance: Jim Nelson; Eric & Gina Eklund
  • (CR) Ushers: Dennis Brown; Ed Tomas; Eric Eklund; Jim Nelson;
  • (CR) Altar: Chuck & Paula Bowman


~Mission Fest Sunday, April 6th, 2014~

Trinity Lutheran in Mount Ayr, IA

5 pm Light Supper

6 pm Program with Rev. Dan Vogel

Everyone is encouraged to attend!


Pack your bags!!!!

Pastor Nabil Nour has extended an invitation to travel to the Holy Land with him on October 20th—27th, 2014. Information on the tour is on the Narthex table including a tour itinerary. This is an exciting trip with Pastor Nour who was born in Nazareth. Ask Deb Melzer questions about her trip with Pastor Nour!


Dear Family at Trinity,

While winter maybe lingering, the Winter Quarter is over! Stay tuned for details regarding the Vicarage Service on April Without you, we would not have made it this far. Thank you for supporting us!

"Warm" Blessings The Troxels.

Tessa Wardenburg and Jordan Gadbois thank all the ladies of the church for the beautiful bridal shower! Both of the girls felt very blessed by the love they where shown by this congregation. The gifts will help them both set up a home very soon…. Thank you for everything you did to make this day memorable for both brides.

Martin Luther High School Choir Tour.

We are looking for a few individuals who are willing to host students from Hannah Watt's High School. They will be performing for our church during their stay with us. These students will need housing for the night of Saturday, April 26th. We have approximately 20 female students and 10 male students  along with sponsors. Please let Waunita know if you are interested in hosting students. Performance times in Creston and Mt Ayr TBA.


Attendance Report 

3/16/14—Worship –84

3/19/14 –Lenten Worship—55


Stewardship—Discipleship starts with God working faith in our hearts through which he gives us His peace. The ancient people of God would often forget God’s love and complain against Him in their times of inconvenience. But God’s love is like a well of living water bubbling up in us to fill us with joy and peace in believing. We would do well therefore, to receive His gift of forgiveness and peace with thanksgiving that is shown in any numbers of ways beginning with our praise and then moving into all kinds of service in His name.




Confession and Forgiveness is an emphasis of Lent. Please make an appointment for Private Confession /Absolution with Pastor Watt during Lent. Call Pastor Watt 515-462-0566 or eMail at Also available 6-7pm at the Creston Location without an appointment during Holy Week (April 14-18).

Members who are participating in the Adopt-A-Preschool Student are encouraged to attend the Preschool Obstacle-A-Thon April 3rd. Morning class will be at 10:30am. Afternoon at 12:30pm.

OLD THEOLOGY, NEW TECHNOLOGY...Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken.  This week's topics include: A Lutheran Army Chaplain & the Trial of the Nazis, The Big Bang Theory, Jesus Heals a Blind Man, The Annunciation of Our Lord and more.  You can listen on-demand at

Vacation Bible School is scheduled for our Creston location July 13-17 and for our Mount Ayr location July 20-24. Go to to sign up to volunteer or register a student.

Third Sunday in Lent – What Good News! Jesus died for us “while we were still sinners” (Romans 5:8). What Good News! Jesus comes to us in the midst of our sins as He did the Samaritan woman (John 4:5-26). His love compels us to reach out in love to those struggling in sin helping them see the true source of their struggle and the true source of their forgiveness and hope. Prayer: Holy God, thank You for loving us just as we were. May we do so to our neighbors. Amen.




Building Healthy Families: In today’s busy families, it’s hard to find time to have sit-down conversations. Instead, make use of the time you have while doing daily tasks. Garrison Keillor says that some of the most important conversations he had with his mother were while she was washing and he was drying dishes. Look for opportunities to connect each day! Lutheran Family Service of Iowa 515-251-4900.


Life Together




All Ladies are invited to the LWML Spring Rally at Redeemer Lutheran in Corning, Iowa. Registration starts at 9:00 on Saturday March 29th, 29th, 2014. Rev. James Lamb of Lutherans for Life will be the speaker. We will be taking School Kits and Personal Care Kits to Corning for this event. There are sheets on the Narthex table which will instruct you on how to make the kits. Once you have assembled them there are bags under the Narthex table for them to go in. Once you have them in the bags, please place back into the same box. These kits will need to be in the box by Friday, March 28. Reminder the Fall Rally will be in Creston in August date to be announced. Please call Janice if you would like to have a ride.

What better way to train a child than to give them an opportunity to join the fun for Cub Weeks at Camp Okoboji on July 13 - 19th. The Camp Auxiliary is giving away scholarships for a week at camp for children who will have completed grades 3-6 as of June 2014. The path is simple. Complete an application (available on Narthex table). Children need to be members of a Missouri Synod Lutheran Church. They must in their own words 100 or less tell our board why they would love to go to camp this year. If they are selected, the auxiliary will pay the cost to attend Cub Weeks. Applications must be received in the camp office no later than April 14, 2014.

On Saturday, April 5th at 9:00 am members of the Worship/Altar Committee will meet to clean and polish the altar ware & furnishings in the chancel. Cleaning supplies will be provided. Thank you in advance to those who are able to help with this project. Questions? Contact Janette.

You are invited to come and join Rev. Nabil Nour (a native of Israel) on a spiritual journey to the Holy Land–Israel and Jordan, which will be a journey and experience of a lifetime. On this journey you will hear the Good News, as we follow in the footsteps of the Savior, Jesus. You will see glorious sights, smell wonderful aroma and get a taste of foreign delicacies. We will be departing on October 20, 2014 for a 12 days. If this a trip you want to take, now is the time to take this exciting adventure of a lifetime. You will come back refreshed and rejoicing because you walked the walk of our only Savior, Jesus Christ. The Bible will come alive and the names and places will jump out at you whenever you read or hear them. The price of $3990.00 is inclusive of everything: Airfare, hotels, tips, entrance fees to all the sights, taxes and three meals a day. Contact Rev. Nabil S. Nour, Redeemer Lutheran Church, P. O. Box, 158, Armour, SD 57313-0158, (605)724-2489 (O) (605)724-2722 (H)


Cancer: Kenneth Goeglein; Mike Rollings; Merle Triggs; Al Davis; Grace Weese; Janice Shepherd; Wes Keeler; Lois Watt; LaVern Otte; Maggie Dory; Jeff Bierle; Tim Stalker; Cindy Ray; Larry Davis;

Christian Care: Jane, George, Jabes, Jefery our sponsored orphans in Africa;

Illness Injury Surgery &Recovering: Bill Reidy; Ethan Bulgrin; Gailen Foreman;  Marie Burmiester; Danna Rains;  Jace Zellmer; Don Harris; Paula Bowman;

Military: Aaron Hoogland; Michael Kaufman; Denise McClary;

Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr Oliver (Seminary in Taiwan); Ivan and Jennifer Rasch, Africa; Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa;

Seminary Students: Timothy Meyer (Vicar: Macomb, MI), Chris Troxel, and Martin Herzberg;

Shut-ins: Mary Carson; Ruth Chase; Wilma Cottrell; Jeanne Herzberg; Frieda Porter; Lonny Riley; Don Campbell;