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Transfiguration of Our Lord Announcements: February 15, 2015

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This Week at Trinity

Sun Feb 15      

  • Caring for Your Neighbor—Food Bank
  • Gideons Presentation—Bible Class
  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service/HC
  • 9:30 am (MA) SS/Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service
  • 11:00 am (CR) SS/Bible Class
  • No Adult Instruction

Mon Feb 16 

  • Pastor’s Day Off
  • 6:30 pm (CR)  LifeLight Bible Study

Tue Feb 17 

  • 6:30 am (CR) Early Risers
  • 9:00 am (CR) Handy Helpers Quilting
  • 12:00 pm (MA) Pastor -Mount Ayr Office
  • 1:30 pm (CR) LifeLight Bible Study
  • 7:00 pm (MA) Bible Study

Wed Feb 18 

  • 6:00 pm (CR) Confirmation Class
  • 7:00 pm (CR) Ash Wednesday Service
  • 7:30 pm (CR) Church Council

Thu Feb 19 

  • 9:45 am (CR) Preschool Chapel
  • 1:45 pm (CR) Preschool Chapel

Sun Feb 22 

  • 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service
  • 9:30 am (MA) SS / Bible Class
  • 9:45 am (CR) Divine Service / HC
  • 11:00 am (CR) SS / Bible Class
  • 7:00 pm (CR) Adult Instruction Class


  • Cancer: Al Davis; Christi Appelhause; Dale Kirk; Dale McGinnis; Duane Dunham; Grace Weese; Jamie Boos; Jeff Bierle; Kenny Goeglein; Linda Hasstedt; Lisa Britt; Mady Henson; Mary Johnston; Merle Triggs; Mike Rollings; Rhonda Smith; Ron Harris;
  • Condolences: Family of Bob Loudon. Family of Rev. Patrick O'Neal. Pastor in Spirit Lake, IA who lost his battle with cancer on Monday, February 9th;
  • General: Prayers for the opening of the Crisis Pregnancy Center in Creston. The persecuted church, especially in Iraq. We pray for all those who diligently serve this congregation with their talents. We pray for our neighbors that we may assist them in every need. We pray that God would continue to lead people to work in His Church as Pastors and Teachers.
  • IIS&R: Danna Rains; Gailen Foreman; Jaxson Flint; Marie Burmeister;
  • Military: Aaron Hoogland; Michael Kaufman;
  • Missions: Concordia Mission Society; Dr Oliver, Seminary Professor in Taiwan; James and Christel Neuendorf (Dominican Republic); Pastor Daniel Vogel, Hispanic Missions in Iowa; Pastor Dennis Konkel, Deaf Missions in Iowa; Pastor James and Angela Sharp and Family (Uruguay); Pastor Joel and Clarion Fritsche and Family (Dominican Republic);
  • Seminary Students: Timothy Meyer, Chris Troxel, Martin Herzberg; and Luke Watt;
  • Shutins: Don Campbell, May Carlisle, Mary Carson, Ruth Chase, Wilma Cottrell, Jeanne Herzberg, Irene Hogue, Freida Porter, Lonny Riley;

Positions Available at Trinity Lutheran; Creston, IA

Job Title: Pastor’s Office Assistant (16Hours per week)

Reports to: Pastor

Job Summary: Responsible for managing the church office including communications between Pastor and the congregation. Responsible for assisting the Pastor with communications with congregation and record keeping.

Key Responsibilities: Format and print bulletins each week. Design and print the newsletter. Input weekly attendance and update membership files. Add/update/delete announcements and prayers. Format and print inserts as needed for the bulletin. Post announcements to the web page weekly. Print weekly prayer requests for Pastor. Handle special communications as requested by Pastor. Mail bulletins to shut-ins. Order supplies for office. Keep the calendar for fellowship hall reservations and church activities up to date. Keep Narthex table uncluttered and items up to date. Format and print weekly announcements.

If you are interested, please contact Pastor.

Job Title: Janitor (4 Hours per week)

Reports to: Trustees

Job Summary: Responsible for cleaning the church and fellowship hall.

If you are interested, please contact Byron Bilderback.

Life Together

  • Bulletin Announcement pads can be found on the Narthex Table. Please fill out the form and give it to Pastor Watt or place it in the "Bulletin Announcements" mailbox. Unless otherwise requested announcements will not be repeated.
  • Eligible Thrivent Financial members who have been designated Choice Dollars have until March 31, 2015, to direct them. Don’t miss this opportunity to recommend that Thrivent Financial provide grant funding to Trinity Lutheran Church or Trinity Preschool. Go to to learn more and find program terms and conditions. Or call 800-847-4836 and say “Thrivent Choice” after the prompt.
  • Handy Helpers quilting meet this Tuesday and the third Tuesday of every month thru April.
  • Hats and mittens will be collected through Feb 15th. Please put donations in black and white bag in the Narthex.
  • Lutheran Witness Renewals are now due before March 1. If you wish to keep the Witness coming for the next year just mark an envelope and put it in the offering plate. The cost is $22.00. If you wish to stop the Witness or don’t get it, please contact the church office.
  • LWML will be collecting mites during the month of February. The mite box will be located in the back of church. Thank you.
  • Nodaway Valley Ministerial Association Theological Convocation February 20-21 Hotel Greenfield. Dr. William Brownsberger who is the Dean of Academics at Conception Seminary (Roman Catholic) near Maryville, MO. Cost will be 45. A block of hotel rooms has been reserved. Registration and dinner will begin at 5:30 pm Friday evening.
  • Please be courteous and turn off your cell phone during the worship service!
  • Thank you to everyone for the cards, visits, and prayers while I was in the hospital and rehab. It is good to be home. Velma Lorenz
  • Trinity's Creston location is seeking a Janitor. If you are interested please contact Byron Bilderback.
  • VBS Dates have been set. Creston: July 5-9th; Mount Ayr: July 19-23rd. The Board of Education asks you to save these dates when making your summer plans. Thank you.



  • Building Healthy Families: “God who gave us life gave us liberty. Can the liberties of a nation be thought secure when we have removed their only firm basis, a conviction in the minds of the people that these liberties are a gift from God? That they are not to be violated but with His wrath? Indeed I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just, and that His justice cannot sleep forever.” This powerful statement by Thomas Jefferson is inscribed on the Jefferson Memorial. As you celebrate President’s Day tomorrow, thank God for His gifts of liberty and freedom. Check out our Synod’s Free to be Faithful information campaign detailing threats to our religious freedom as well as interesting examples from our Lutheran history demonstrating this freedom. Visit or call LFS to receive a printed copy. Lutheran Family Service; 7177 Hickman Rd, Ste 3; Des Moines, IA 50322; 515-251-4900.
  • Life Quote—February 15 “[W]e can set an example in purity by honoring God’s plan for sexuality and relationships. For those of us who are single, we do this by living a pure and chaste life and not being ashamed of it. This can be a daily challenge and struggle but, by living differently, we show others how different, and wonderful, love in Christ can be!” Laura Davis, director of Y4Life ( – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life •


  • CHRIST-CENTERED, CROSS-FOCUSED TALK RADIO...You can listen to Lutheran experts teach on subjects like:  The Crusades, Ash Wednesday, Jesus Heals Jairus's Daughter, 16th Century Reformer Philip Melanchthon and more.  Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken and produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL.  You can listen to what you want when you want at
  • JOIN US FOR PRAYER on your Lutheran Radio Station Worldwide KFUO Radio. Let the Lord sanctify your weekdays with Morning and Evening Prayer --- 9am and 6pm Central. On-demand at and follow us at

WOOD CUTTERS, LOG SPLITTERS, TREE TRIMMERS wanted for February 28 from 8:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. to help clean up trees and brush in the Camp Okoboji canal.  Please bring chain saws, pruning shears, log splitters, pole saws, tractor and loader.  If someone could come and keep saws sharpened in a heated shop it would be very helpful. Camp will provide refreshments for coffee breaks and noon dinner in the Ginny DeWall Dining Hall.  Lodging can be arranged for Friday and Saturday nights “at no charge”, if needed.  Please call Camp Okoboji at (712) 337-3325 and register your name and what equipment you will be able to provide. We also want the cook to have food for everyone.   Leave contact information in case inclement weather should cause postponement or cancellation.  We are trying to make the approach to camp as presentable as possible for our 75th Anniversary.  THANK YOU!  If you are unable to attend, please pray for the safety of those who do.