Third Sunday of Easter (May 8, 2011)

posted May 3, 2011, 6:49 AM by Pastor Trinity
Liturgical Calendar: Second Sunday after Easter
Liturgical Color:   White  

Confession and Absolution

Hymn of Invocation: 578 Thy Strong Word     LSB 578

Invocation     LSB 151
Exhortation     LSB 151
Confession of Sins     LSB 151
Absolution     LSB 151

Service of the Word
Introit    Ps. 133; antiphon: Ps. 133:1
Kyrie     LSB 152
This is the Feast    LSB 155
Salutation and Collect of the Day   
First Reading    Acts 2:14, 36–41
Epistle    1 Peter 1:17–25
Alleluia and Verse     LSB 156
Holy Gospel    Luke 24:13–35

Hymn of the Day: 483 With High Delight Let Us Unite     LSB 483

Nicene Creed (Paragraph)   
Prayer of the Church
Offertory     LSB 159

Service of the Sacrament
Preface     LSB 160
Proper Preface (Full)   
Sanctus     LSB 161
Prayer of Thanksgiving     LSB 161
Lord's Prayer (Paragraph)   
The Words of Our Lord     LSB 162
Pax Domini     LSB 163
Agnus Dei     LSB 163

Distribution Hymn: 480 He's Risen, He's Risen     LSB 480
Distribution Hymn: 475 Good Christian Friends, Rejoice and Sing     LSB 475

Thank the Lord     LSB 164
Post-Communion Collect   
Benediction     LSB 166

Closing Hymn: 601 All Who Believe and Are Baptized     LSB 601