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The Eighteenth Sunday after Pentecost - Announcements: October 12, 2014

This Week at Trinity

Sun Oct 12 8:00 am (MA) Divine Service

9:30 am (MA) SS/Bible Class

9:45 am (CR) Divine Service/HC

11:00 am (CR) SS/Bible Class

2:00 pm (CR) Linda Bartlett Presentation

Mon Oct 13 Pastor’s Day Off

6:30 pm (CR) LifeLight Bible Study

Tue Oct 14 6:30 am (CR) Early Risers

1:30 pm (CR) LifeLight Bible Study

5:30 pm (CR) Preschool Board

7:30 pm (CR) Lutherans for Life (Life Team)

Wed Oct 15 9:30 am Circuit Winkel (St. Johns, Clarinda)

6:00 pm (CR) Confirmation Class

6:00 pm (CR) F.L.O.C.K.

7:30 pm (CR) Church Council

Thu Oct 16 9:45 am (CR) Preschool Chapel

1:45 pm (CR) Preschool Chapel

Sat Oct 18 12:00 pm LFS Annual Meeting - Fort Dodge, IA

Sun Oct 19 Caring for Your Neighbor—Food Bank

8:00 am (MA) Divine Service/HC

9:30 am (MA) SS/Bible Class

9:45 am (CR) Divine Service

11:00 am (CR) SS/Bible Class

Attendance Sunday, October 5-111, C-9

Linda Bartlett Presents:

“The Failure of Sex Education in the Church.

Mistaken Identity, Compromised Purity”

Today, October 12th at 2:00 pm

Trinity Lutheran Church—Fellowship Hall

Please read Linda’s extensive work to bring information to parents and their children on leading sexually pure lives as taught to us in the Bible. Linda has researched both secular and Biblical information to present the truth in love about the sexual movement in our country. Please take this opportunity to listen and respond to the findings as Linda presents them. After Linda presents her book there will be a panel of clergy along with Linda who will answer your questions.

Linda’s book is available at Amazon and you can find more information on this subject at Linda Barlett’s website: www.ouridentitymatters.com

This presentation is for all ages of our congregation. Teens, parents, grandparents and those who have responsibility to raise and influence our children should be inspired to come and hear what Linda has to present to us to preserve our children and our values for future generations.

Bible Sticks for the military chaplains to share with our troops from all branches of the service. We are once again collecting funds during the month of October to support this ministry. Please place your donations in the collection plate and mark for the “Military BibleSticks.”

Life Together

For your information: Prayer requests are put in the bulletin as follows: Illness, Injury, facing Surgery or Recovering: 3 weeks unless otherwise requested. Cancer: until removed by requester. Condolences: 1 or 2 weeks. Other prayers requests 1-3 weeks. If you have any questions please contact Pastor Watt.

Stewardship: Matthew 22:5 ‘But they paid no attention and went off, one to his farm, another to his business.’ The invitation to join God in His feast and in His work is easily ignored. The rest of life seems so much more pressing, and we tend to think that there will be another time when we can catch back up with God. But what joys are we missing when we set aside God’s invitation to join Him in His plans and purposes? What inheritance are we trading for the world’s bowl of pottage?

The Quarterly Voter's Meeting has been moved from October 19 to November 23. All boards and committees need to have their budget requests to the Treasurer no later than November 16.

Thrivent will provide cake after church service for Reformation Day, Sunday, October 26, 2014

You are invited to an Oktoberfest celebration for the dedication of the new Lutheran Family Service Ministry Center at 230 9th Avenue North, Fort Dodge on Saturday, October 18, 2014 from 11:30 am - Noon Fellowship & Refreshments; Noon - 1:00 pm Brief Program including Annual meeting, Re-dedication of the building and lunch. 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm Visiting, refreshments, music, kids & adult games, LFS ministry learning posts and tours of the building.

ANNUAL ALTAR GUILD MEETING will be held Thursday, October 16, 2014 at 7:30 pm in the Sanctuary with Pastor Watt. Please make every effort to attend this important meeting. Anyone interested in learning how we serve the Lord in this way please feel free to attend. There is no obligation to become a member of the Guild. Please contact Janette Lang (782-7922) or Pastor Watt with any questions or concerns.


Christian Care: Trinity has established a Christian Care fund to help people in our communities who are in need. Our Thanksgiving offering will be used to fund this account (use your Thanksgiving envelope). You may also give to the fund at any time simply use one of the Christian Care Fund envelopes on the narthex table. Any member of Trinity may request a gift for anyone in need. Find forms for requests on the Narthex table.

Please remember to bring a few items for the Creston food bank next week. The mission board has designate the third Sunday of every month as 'Caring for Your Neighbor' Sunday.

“We are not the ones to determine if a life has value or not, if it is a burden or not, if it should be lived or not. To live is Christ and to die is gain. God, through His creation, through the incarnation of Jesus, through His redemptive death, and His resurrection from the dead has proven again and again that His Word in the face of death is life. When the world says ‘no,’ God says ‘yes,’ no matter how helpless or desperate the situation. For that, all we can say is, ‘Thanks be to God!’” Evan S. McClanahan, pastor of First Evangelical Lutheran Church, Houston, Texas – A “Life Quote” from Lutherans For Life · www.lutheransforlife.org

Building Healthy Families: Mark Twain once said that life would be infinitely happier if we could only be born at the age of eighty and gradually approach eighteen! As we age, we experience both joys and challenges. If you are experiencing difficulty with life transitions associated with aging, take time to memorize and reflect on this verse: “Even to your old age I am He, even when you turn gray I will carry you. I have made, and I will bear; I will carry and will save.” (Isaiah 46:4) Lutheran Family Service of Iowa, 7177 Hickman Rd, Ste 3; Des Moines, IA 50322; PH 515-251-4900.


Education: If you are interested in hosting a bible study in your home please contact Pastor Watt

THY STRONG WORD --- on your Lutheran Radio Station Worldwide KFUO Radio. This week we will examine the Book of Hebrews: Monday, Oct 13 – Hebrews 9 “The Earthly Holy Place” Tues, Oct 14 – Hebrews 10 “Christ’s Sacrifice Once for All” Wed, Oct 15 – Hebrews 11 “By Faith” Thurs, Oct 16 – Hebrews 12 “Jesus, Founder and Perfecter of Our Faith” Oct 17 – Hebrews 13 “Sacrifices Pleasing to God” Join host Rev. Will Weedon and explore God’s Word together. CDT --- Find us at kfuo.org

CONTINUING EDUCATION FOR THE CONFESSIONAL LUTHERAN....Issues, Etc. is a radio talk show produced by Lutheran Public Radio in Collinsville, IL and hosted by LCMS Pastor Todd Wilken. This week's topics include: The Papacy, Abraham Rescues Lot, Media Coverage of Religion, The Supreme Court & Same-Sex Marriage, The Movie "Annabelle" and more. You can listen at your convenience at www.issuesetc.org.

F.L.O.C.K. Dates:

Oct 15

Nov 19

Dec 10

Jan 21

Feb 18

March 25

April 15

May 20

Serving At Trinity

Oct 12

(CR) Pianist: Julie Lang

(CR) Acolytes: Justin Parsons; Lauren Hadley

Oct 19

(CR) Organist: Carla Roghair

(CR) Acolytes: Emma Bargstadt; Logan Shady

Serving in October:

(CR) Elder: Jim Nelson

(MA) Elder: Mark Larsen

(CR) Ushers: Dennis Brown; Ed Tomas; Eric Eklund; Jim Nelson

(CR) Finance: Jim Nelson; Eric & Gina Eklund

(CR) Altar: Pat Barkalow; Gene & Dorothy Cook